Nailbiter: The Murder Edition Vol 1, Graphic Novel Review

Author Joshua Williamson

This edition of Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson contains issues 1-10

The titular nailbiter refers to one of more than a dozen serial killers who all happen to come from the same small town near Portland Oregon in this horror murder mystery series. Nailbiter likes to bite nails, down to the bone, and did so on all of his many victims. Somehow though he gets acquitted at trial and is free to go back to his home and harassing his old high school flame, the sheriff. The story involves said sheriff, an army interrogator, and an FBI agent teaming up with Nailbiter. They need to figure out one, who the current killer of their town is and two, why so many killers spawn from this one place.

Nailbiter is essentially Hannibal. It’s all about using a serial killer to catch other serial killers. With strong elements of horror I have faith that this one will keep up the violence and gore without delving too far into repeat territory.

Even though it is strongly reminiscent of other tales it has it’s own voice.

This volume is a great introduction to what might turn out to be an excellent series overall. It’s intriguing and the art is truly creepy at times. At one point I actually gasped out loud after turning the page! But it’s just an introduction. So far it hasn’t had that wow factor that would bump it up to a five star book but I’m going to keep reading and hope that it gets there.

4/5 skulls 💀💀💀💀

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Nailbiter: The Murder Edition Volume 1

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