Harrow County Vol 4: Family Tree

Vol 4 is the best of the series so far! Here’s the character development we’ve been waiting for. We get more insight into who Emmy’s mother was. How she saw the dormant power beneath Emmy’s infant exterior and was terrified of it.

We also get an interesting introduction to a powerful secret society of witches and other magicks that want Emmy to join their fold. The final issue of the volume proves Emmy to continue on her path of good witch as she doesn’t bend over to the rules of this society. She’s a strong willed lass who understands her values and doesn’t give in blindly to authority. A marvelous role model she’s turning out to be! Definitely glad I’m sticking with this series!

5/5 campfire flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Harrow County Volume 4: Family Tree

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