Harrow County Vol 6: Hedge Magic

Volume 6 is all about assumptions. Our young heroine Emmy has yet to do anything that would make someone think she’s evil but everyone assumes she’s evil cause she has the power that others have used for evil. Out here in the non magic world we all have potential for evil. Each and every one of us could kill. And yet, most people don’t go around assuming the worst of everyone. But in Harrow County even Emmy’s closest friend doesn’t trust her. Since she could kill someone with the blink of an eye then she must have done it already, or she must be about to. With this assumption the fearful becomes the feared. Emmy’s former companion gains a dark magic of her own and intends, actually intends, on doing harm. But she doesn’t consider herself the monster. Much of this series deals with how assumptions mean more than behavior. No matter what Emmy does people will be distrusting of her because she could. We all could. It’s just not as obvious for us non magic folks.

It’s been interesting that Emmy has not yet given in to any dark temptations. She has flashes of thoughts that she could but she dismisses them right away. A lesser character would give in and then overcome but she has taken the righteous path the whole way so far. She is strong. She is the hero Harrow County needs but she is not the one they deserve.

4/5 candles 🕯🕯🕯🕯

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Harrow County Volume 6: Hedge Magic

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