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Harrow County Vol 7: Dark Times A’Coming

In this second to last volume of Harrow County the author, Cullen Bunn, finally pushes Emmy past decency. However, she is still motivated by all of the right reasons. So the question is, how far can a good person go to do the right thing and still be considered good? Emmy’s friend Bernice witnesses Emmy go past what she considers the edge. I’m less convinced that she’s gone overboard though. I think that line fluctuates for everyone and it’s interesting how Bunn has demonstrated that here in Harrow County.

Volume 7 is easily the goriest volume so far. The violence really gets amped up and I think that is a testament to a horror series that it didn’t just start at 11. It gave itself room to really show a climax.

My only problem with this volume is that it dropped in a previously unmentioned religious aspect that I personally don’t think the book needs. Bernice is suddenly enthralled with quoting the bible as a sort of spell book. Because in order to fight a witch, become a bible witch. Doesn’t work for me.

4/5 sets of eyeballs witnessing extreme violence 👀👀👀👀

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Harrow County Volume 7: Dark Times A’Coming

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