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Harrow County Vol 8: Done Come Back

Alas, here we are at the finale of the Harrow County southern gothic horror saga. It’s been 8 fairly short and volumes and the ending is about what you would expect it to be. Without giving too much away, I’ll write a spoiler full review of the whole series here, Emmy faces her demons makes a tough decision in order to do good. The book deals a lot with what makes a person good or evil and are you even able to change that path. Is fate in control or are you?

The highlight of the 8th volume is the skinless boy. His arc is so absolutely tragic and I wished we could have seen more of him. Give him a spin off! Overall, it’s a happy ending kind of book and I mostly enjoyed it. The art is good, the monsters are interesting, the heroine is strong, and there are a couple of creepy moments.

4/5 oxen, animal closest to the abandoned šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸ‚

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Harrow County Volume 8: Done Come Back

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