Kaiju monster destroying a skyscraper in japan

Dai-Yamori-Kaiju: Pick Your Own Adventure, Novella Review

Author Jason Pratt

Don’t let the cute cover fool you like it did me. This pick your own adventure is not so much a cute little trip down monster alley but a brutal survivor story about an irreversibly destructive monster attack.

Paul is an American scientist living in Japan with his son. Japan is known for monster attacks but the monster was believed to be dead until it resurfaces to cause a horrific event far worse than any earthquake.

The reader is allowed to make few choices in this short story but the consequences are all extreme. I went back and read through each of the 3 endings and all of the choice paths and each one had me more surprised than the last. I can honestly say I did not predict this book and it had me feeling more for characters in 30 pages than many books accomplish in 300.

This short story is a very entertaining way to spend an hour and I highly recommend it for any creature feature fans. I have to give points to any story that catches me off guard and makes me react physically or verbally. In this case I grabbed my hair and said oh no out loud!

5/5 kaijus

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