Daredevil: Dark Nights, Comic Review with Spoilers!

This is the spoiler full review of Daredevil: Dark Nights. If you for some reason still want to read this one later and don’t want spoilers please go here. But honestly, just read this review instead, it’ll save you time and you’ll still get to see how lame it is.

Daredevil: Dark Nights is an 8 issue run separated into 3 different stories. I’ll break it down by the story but each is worse than the last so strap in.

Angels Unaware (Issues 1-3)

Writer and Artist, Lee Weeks

Murdock wakes up in a hospital and we’re told he has amnesia but that doesn’t matter because he appears to remember everything right away. He at least remembers he’s Daredevil and has super hearing because he can hear that a little girl across the state needs her heart transplant and he must be the one to find and deliver it.

This is a pretty lame premise for DD. The best part about DD as a character is that he can fight the bad guys as Daredevil and use his lawyer skills as Matt Murdock to put them away in jail. Running good samaritan errands for sick kids is not what I typically look for in these comics.

We also get the added bonus of the author shoving in the religious crap that DD is attached to. However, instead of making a comment on his struggle with his faith or morality they just add in some bible verses throughout the story.

Pointless bible quote from Daredevil
Some pointless proverbs quote

So DD runs through a blizzard to find the heart that was in a helicopter that crashed in the storm and dives into the freezing river to rescue the pilot and the heart and then run some more to get to the hospital to give this random girl in a city of probably hundreds of people who need transplants her new heart.

Daredevil running through a blizzard
the parents are rich and would do anything

Surprise surprise, DD makes it in time and everybody lives. Yay.

Daredevil waiting for a heartbeat of a sick kid
Saved the day

This story was boring and pointless and easily could have been done in one issue instead of stretched across three.

A Man Named Buggit (Issues 4-5)

Story and Art, David Lapham

Story 2 begins with a recycled origin page from a past run of Daredevil. Guess they were too lazy to write their own so they just attached this easily recognizable one. But don’t worry, if you really love it, it appears again in this book at issue 6!

Daredevil origin page
blind, got it

After that the plot opens with Matt Murdock waiting for his new client at the prosecutor’s office. Apparently, Murdock and the prosecutor going against his client have a date later in a major breach of ethics that I cannot support in any way.

As they are discussing their date night plans a very tiny man shows up and steals the murder weapon from the evidence box. Because murder weapons are just kept hanging out at the prosecutors office well before trial and not being used as part of the investigation. (Sarcasm! They’re really not!) And when I say this man was tiny, I mean he’s the size of the gun. And oily apparently?

Daredevil chasing a tiny man
“He’s secreting an oil out of his pores. I can smell it”

So DD goes to chase this tiny man all around the city while making breaks to flirt shamelessly with every woman he passes like he wasn’t just setting up a date or chasing a criminal.

Shockingly, DD doesn’t catch the little man and we follow him all the way to his place where his client was murdered. Now, how his client got home and murdered faster than DD got there is a total mystery to me. They left the same place at the same time (presumably) but his client beat him by long enough to get murdered and have his wife start crying over his body. How?

And now the little man has a bomb. The size of his whole body of course. Because he just had that waiting around in the client’s, we find out the tiny man’s cousin, apartment.

Totally normal thing to have at home

So DD goes on the chase again while also the Avengers are fighting a big monster. DD makes choices not to kill whoever it is the actual bad guy is that shows up for the plot reasons and is about to send him away to jail when the big monster falls over and crushes him, the end.

falling into place

This story was so dumb it gave me a nosebleed.

In the Name of the King (Issues 6-8)

Story, Jimmy Pamiotti Pencils, Thony Silas Inks, Nelson Decastro

This brings us (finally) to the last story. Starts again with that recycled origin page if you really needed a reminder that Daredevil had a prize fighter father and is blind. Matt Murdock is in Miami for a law case, at the pool he runs into Misty Knight and they immediately start flirting as if that is totally normal for their characters to do together.

Misty Knight and Matt Murdock flirting uncomfortably

Some bad guys kidnap Murdock’s client so he switches to DD and him and Knight chase after them, her in her bikini the whole time. Along the way DD rescues a female civilian who’s towel has come loose so she’s just naked and screaming.

what does that even mean?

So DD forces a kiss on her to get her to stop screaming and she just brushes it off like having someone in a mask force themselves on you is cool under any circumstances. But it’s cool because he didn’t slap her instead?

DD and Knight are now just doing some generic action things while exchanging a bunch of gross double entendres. Knight has her tits out the whole time because we all know how practical that is.

So it turns out that the big bad drug dealer man we’re afraid of for this story is Knight’s ex. He of course has her kidnapped and brought to him.

Misty Knight and her ex boyfriend the drug lord
“What no hug for your old boyfriend?”

So when Knight obviously rejects his shotgun proposal to get back together he drugs her and puts her in the torture dungeon he already has to be raped a bunch before he kills her.

Misty Knight chained up about to be raped
One of the only conflicts allowed to female characters

DD comes to the rescue and I will give this book this very small little point. Knight breaks free of her own chains and kicks some butt and probably would’ve gotten free on her own but this small little victory for her does not forgive the rest of this garbage fire.

Misty Knight breaking free of her chains
Get it girl

So Misty Knight didn’t get full damseled but the book then abruptly ends with the bad guys away, in jail I guess?, and Knight and Murdock on the beach kissing. Weird.

Misty Knight and Matt Murdock kissing on the beach, gross
be an unforgivable womanizer sometimes

I don’t like these characters together. It doesn’t work for me. It made me feel uncomfortable. Like watching two coworkers get drunk and sloppily make out at the office xmas party and then act like nothing happened the next Monday. It was weird and I wish I hadn’t seen it.

Basically, this book was a total failure. It checked all the boxes for what could be bad about a run of Daredevil. It started boring, gave me that same damn origin story twice, had some ridiculous nonsense as the conflict, and was super sexist. None of the plots were well written and seemed just slapped together using a flawed formula. Avoid this one.

I in no way recommend this run of Daredevil. I hate it when a character I love gets destroyed. I’ve had to give hated it reviews to more that one run of Daredevil and that makes it very hard to declare myself a fan. The 5 star runs are out of this park great but this drivel makes the whole comic book genre look bad.

1/5 devils 👿

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