Mr. and Mrs. X, Comic Book Review with Spoilers!

Author Kelly Thompson

This is the spoiler full review of Mr. & Mrs. X. If you would like to read about this run without finding out what happens please go to the spoiler free review here.

Mr. & Mrs. X is the follow up to Thompson’s previous Rogue and Gambit run. Rogue and Gambit was delightfully sexy and fun and if you haven’t read it yet I would recommend starting there.

Mr. & Mrs. X starts with Rogue and Gambit finally making it official by getting married in a spontaneous wedding ceremony. They then whisk away to a romantic honeymoon in space. Obviously this is quickly interrupted by a mission that only they can accomplish.

A lot of the catalysts for action in this book are kept vague. Right now we know that Kitty Pride wants them to do something and that’s enough for Rogue to say they’re going. So they go fight some space baddies for some reason and Rogue gets knocked out and wakes up next to Deadpool.

We now learn that Deadpool is also searching for this weird egg that Rogue and Gambit need to retrieve. But first they have to fight the Shi’ar and Technet to get it. This issue is my absolute favorite of the 12 issue run. The weird history and conflict between these three sometimes anti-heroes is laugh out loud funny and handled with incredible grace by Thompson.

Deadpool explaining to Rogue that her wedding gift would be cheap cause he's insulted
Deadpool is always Deadpool

Rogue and Deadpool once made out and his affection for her and disdain for Gambit is written here for laughs and never turns into a bullshit love triangle with Rogue as the prize. Rogue is never once damseled in this book, never once portrayed as an object, and always is the ultimate in badassery.

So they fight for this egg and win, putting aside their differences to team up against Technet. They get the egg and it breaks open to hatch… Rogue.

This run has a lot of end of issue cliffhangers. It’s the reason I ended up buying issue 12 cause I didn’t realize it isn’t on Marvel Unlimited yet and I couldn’t just not know what happens in the last issue. But anyway.

The Rogue looking being that hatches out of the egg is actually Xandra, Professor Xavier’s and Lilandra’s post grave love child. Rogue and Gambit get rid of Deadpool and get Xandra to the Star Jammers after fighting the Imperial Guard and everyone is happy. Except that to do that Xandra and Rogue briefly faked their deaths and Gambit was justifiably upset.

If that sounded like a lot of names you’re unfamiliar with don’t worry. Thompson does a great job of introducing new players into the game with brief bios and power set explanations that make it easier to jump in than most comics.

So Gambit was mad at Rogue but they kiss and make up. They do a lot of kissing and making up in the book.

collage of gambit and rogue kissing

They also do a lot of getting captured and strung up upside down.

two panels of rogue and gambit tied up and hanging upside down
it’s kinda their thing

The next half of the book is two stories but one is sandwiched in the middle of the other. The story in the middle is a weird meta romp through the Mojoverse in which Rogue must battle within her own mind to discover that fear is what is making her powers uncontrollable.

She is slowly but surely coming to terms with the idea that she might actually be able to fully control her powers someday and maybe she doesn’t have to accidentally kill her husband. But it’s probably always going to be a concern for her.

Rogue losing control of her powers in the Mojoverse
It’d just be too happy otherwise

The other story is about how Gambit’s ex, Bella Donna, the now head of the Assassin’s Guild has teamed up with Gambit’s Thieves’ Guild and wants to kill Rogue. Bella Donna gets double crossed and Gambit is supposed to choose if Rogue or Bella Donna will get sacrificed for the melding of the Guilds. He opts to be killed in both their places but obviously that’s not how it goes down. There’s a big battle and then Rogue and Gambit end up back home for their happily ever after. At least until the next action packed phone call interrupts their love making.

Overall, Mr. & Mrs. X was a thoroughly enjoyable ride. It lost a little bit of the sexiness of Rogue and Gambit but gained some action and definitely has a lot of self awareness. I really enjoy Thompson’s writing. She’s masterful at dialogue and relationships and I’d love to see her given a Deadpool run.

If you want an X-Men story that is much easier for an outsider to follow this is a really good place to start. And by that I mean start at Rogue and Gambit and then come here. But only having to read one other run is a lot easier than most comics so take the deal! Also Rogue and Gambit are just a fun couple and they warm my heart.

Spiral complaining and Rogue and Gambit kissing during a battle.
They’re the best

4/5 playing cards 🃏🃏🃏🃏

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And if you just need issue 12: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-2019) 12

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