Mr. and Mrs. X, Comic Book Review

Author Kelly Thompson

This is the spoiler free review of Mr. & Mrs. X. If you would like to read the spoiler full review and see all of the pretty pictures please go here.

Mr. & Mrs. X is the follow up to Thompson’s previous Rogue and Gambit run. Mr. & Mrs. X follow Rogue and Gambit after their impromptu wedding to their action packed honeymoon in space and then back home to more action and kidnappings and fighting and making up and most importantly lots and lots of kissing.

Rogue and Gambit kissing

This run has so many X-Men universe players in it it starts to get hard to keep up. They run into Deadpool, the Shi’ar, Technet, the Imperial Guard, the Guild of Thieves, the Assassin’s Guild, Mojo and the Mojoverse, Spiral, and Bella Donna. However, if you are unfamiliar with any of these Thompson does a good job at introducing new players and saying how they are connected and what their basic power set it. This makes it much much easier to follow as a stand alone without having to have read a whole previous decade of X-Men.

This 12 issue run is divided into two main stories with the central theme being that Rogue loses control of her powers when she is in fear and if she cannot get that figured out her relationship with Gambit will be very difficult. But Gambit will never leave her side because they are just the best as a couple. He loves her so danged much and praises her skill every chance he gets. She is wooed by him over and over and their passion is palpable.

This run did lose a little bit of the sexiness that I so thoroughly enjoyed in Rogue and Gambit. It makes up for it with more action but the plot did get a little meta and convoluted in the second half.

I would love to see more of Rogue and Gambit and especially more of Thompson. I loved her work on Kate Bishop and if this run is any indicator I think she’d do a fantastic job on Deadpool. She understands dialogue, sarcasm and flirting especially. It’s always cheeky and fun but never sexist or crass.

4/5 playing cards 🃏🃏🃏🃏

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