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Daredevil: Back in Black, Vol 1 and 2, Comic Book Review

Written by Charles Soule, Illustrated by Matteo Buffagni

This is the spoiler free review of Daredevil: Back in Black, volumes 1 and 2, issues 1-9. In order to read the spoiler full review and see more pictures please go here.

Daredevil: Back in Black has 46 issues total in the run. I will be reading all of them and reviewing them in 2 volume batches based on how the trades were published.

This run has a very different feel to it from past Daredevil issues. Not only is Daredevil in a new black uniform but he has somehow wiped everyone’s (and I mean everyone’s) memories of him being Matt Murdock. The readers will not know how this happened for quite some time but it will keep coming up.

Additionally, Murdock is no longer a defense attorney, he is working for the DA as a prosecutor. I hate this. He is no longer able to make his own schedule and he gets paid far less. These are two very big issues for someone who wants to be a successful vigilante. It doesn’t make sense and it was a mistake.

A lot of the book is Daredevil facing conflicts that come up because of this job that he chose to switch to. It’s very frustrating to read because without seeing a grander plan I just feel like yelling at him the whole time, “just quit then!”

Another big change is that DD now has a sidekick, Blindspot aka Samuel Chung. Chung invented an invisibility suit and DD is training him on how to fight and actually perform as a superhero. Makes sense, just being invisible doesn’t help anything if you can’t actually perform the actions.

I also don’t like DD having a sidekick, especially when him trying to keep his identity a secret is such a big part of the plot of this run. It’s ridiculous that he would keep someone so close by and have to hide that he’s blind from them so they don’t put the pieces together.

The story gets kind of complicated through this one and everything is in really long form. Things are mentioned in these first two volumes that I expect to come back at some point in the run but 20 issues later I still haven’t seen them.

I don’t think this author wanted to write Daredevil. He doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of the character and he’s lost quite a bit of his charm. Parts of these two volumes are better than others and I don’t think it’s an overall bad book it’s just pretty underwhelming.

The author does the best job with the side characters. Elektra (because I’m biased) has the best two issues of these volumes and is full of emotion and turmoil. Spiderman shows up for the final issues and has a delightful levity and humor to him. Even The Hand has more personality than Daredevil in this one and they’re a faceless organization of zombie ninjas.

I think they wanted to take DD in a different direction but don’t appreciate how to do that in a way that maintains the integrity of the character. He’s lost a lot with these changes and I haven’t seen it pay off yet. Hopefully by the end of the run I change my mind.

3/5 devils 😈😈😈

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