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Daredevil: Back in Black Vol 5 and 6, Comic Book Review with Spoilers!

Author Charles Soule, Illustrations Goran Sudzuka and Ron Garney

This is the spoiler full review of Daredevil: Back in Black volumes 5 and 6. To read the review of volumes 1 and 2 go here. For volumes 3 and 4 go here. And to instead read the spoiler free review please go here.

Volume 5: Supreme, Issues 21-28

This is when this run really starts to get good! All of the pieces start falling into place and we really get to see how Murdock ticks.

Issue 21 starts with finally bringing back this idea of Black Cat and a mysterious briefcase from the first volume. It apparently contains some earth shattering files that Murdock needs for a case he’s building.

DD teams up with Luke Cage and my girl Echo to take down some gang of thugs but all but one of them are able to get away. Murdock is going to build a case around the remaining witness and decides that he should take the stand. As Daredevil.

Daredevil taking the stand in court in full mask
Let’s hear him out!

Murdock wants to be able to set a precedent for masked heroes to be able to take the stand in court without revealing their identities. This would be a game changer. Not just a game changer, THE game changer.

Daredevil, Spiderman, Iron Fist, everyone who keeps their identity a secret would no longer have to leave the bad guys tied up for the cops and hope that everything just magically works from there. They could work with the case and see it through. So many more villains would actually be put away!

DD is tasked with proving that he’s the real DD without revealing he’s also the real Murdock. The gang attacks the courthouse and the judge is impressed enough with DD’s crime fighting abilities in saving everyone that he allows the testimony.

King Pin, aka Wilson Fisk, finds out about this stunt and is understandably unhappy. He needs to put a stop to heroes being able to testify against his crime syndicate so he hires Tony Stark’s, aka Iron Man’s, old lawyer to take Murdock down in court.

Legal, a big hot shot lawyer

Murdock consults with She Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, at the lawyer bar. They get attacked by Tombstone, also sent by Fisk, and she Hulks him right out of the place but is having trouble controlling her powers anymore.

Then through a quicker than it should be series of events Murdock is about to face big time lawyer man in the Supreme Court.

Murdock and Nelson in front of the Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Murdock goes to his old friend Foggy for help and Tombstone attacks them too. After he’s been dealt with Murdock finally apologizes to Foggy for being such a shite friend and Foggy agrees to help him.

Murdock finally apologizes to Foggy

So Murdock heads off to face Legal, the big time lawyer man, at the Supreme Court and he wins because this is DD and he’s a boss. So now heroes can testify in court! This is huge!

And something this huge cannot go without consequences. King Pin is building his plan C.

But in the meantime Blindspot has since been deported back to China and he sends a letter to DD explaining how his mom sold her soul to The Beast of The Hand in order to restore his sight and needs DD to help him retrieve his mother.

DD quickly heads on over to China to help where he discovers that Blindspot is actually leading The Hand and has now sold DD’s soul to The Beast in order to get his mom’s soul back. Double Cross!

The Beast with a Hand ninja
The Beast, ew

DD is being held and tortured by demons. Blindspot has a change of heart and goes back to save him. Mom goes back to save her son, saves both of them, and is then promptly murdered.

DD and Blindspot return to New York to discover that since they’ve been gone Wilson Fisk has been elected Mayor of New York City.

Okay, okay, this is so much better! This run really got there! It took way too long but it got there and I really think it’s paying off!

Daredevil books are their best when we get a plot that allows the Murdock/Daredevil dichotomy to work from both sides. And he needs a bad guy who does the same. This violence from one angle and politics and law from another is peak Daredevil! Thank goodness!

Cover of Daredevil issue 595 Mayor Fisk
Mayor Fisk

Volume 6: Mayor Fisk, Issues 595-600

Volume 6 reverts to the original comic issue numbering system for the big 600 double issue milestone.

Now that Fisk is Mayor he has big plans to take care of all the masked vigilantes for good. He goes to the DA’s office and tasks Murdock with building a criminal case against Daredevil and the others.

DD goes out on the town to clear his head and catch some baddies but is nabbed by an undercover cop and taken straight to Fisk. He escapes before he can be unmasked but now the entire New York Police Department is after him.

With all the news stations covering DD as public enemy number 1, Muse catches wind of it and is inspired for his next art piece.

A Painting by Muse of Daredevil on the side of city hall
no blood this time

With this, Fisk shows Murdock’s not the only one who can think two steps ahead and offers him the position of Deputy Mayor. Murdock accepts in order to be close to the enemy.

Fisk then takes advantage of Murdock being blind and buries him in paperwork with an assistant who has been tasked with reading it all out loud to him. This is an absolutely hilarious way to distract your enemy if you ask me, I love it!

But there are bigger fish to fry! Muse is free and making murals all over the city!

mural by Muse of The Punisher
We do Frank, we do

Muse ends up murdering a bunch of police officers right in front of his mural of The Punisher and Fisk knows just how to play this scene for manipulative fear tactics.

DD also discovers that Fisk is offering positions in his cabinet to every crime boss in the city. There are a lot of moving pieces happening all of a sudden, this run suddenly gets much more fast paced and it’s much needed and appreciated.

Blindspot wants revenge against Muse so he sets a trap. Muse shows up and pushes him right off a building like nothing.

Muse pushing Blindspot off a building
k byeee

So DD kicks it into high gear and calls in all his connections.

Daredevil, Misty Knight, Echo, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Spiderman

All of the bad guys who were promised positions are at a meeting spot and all the heroes show up to take them down. Of course it’s a trap and the cops get all of them.

Except DD, he runs off to get Fisk personally and gets his ass handed to him. He’s arrested and whilst in the back of the cop car overhears that somehow something happened and through some loophole Murdock is now the acting Mayor of New York City.

What happened was The Hand attacked Fisk and he’s in the hospital with many arrows in his body. Since he’s incapacitated the position would normally go to the regular successor but the previous Mayor had it set up to be the Deputy Mayor instead and no one changed it back. Welcome Mayor Murdock!

Oh and somewhere in there Blindspot kills Muse.

While I was reading this run I was thinking it was a 4 star arc but as I’m writing this I felt myself getting excited about how well this run has been executed so far. How much fun it is seeing all the pieces fall into place and I’m changing my mind. Let’s give it 5 stars just to push more people into reading it!

Seriously, this one gets so good! I’m so glad I stuck it out and am excited to finish it. I’m even going to have to go find other books written by Soule and see if he always manages this weird kind of slow burn into well thought out arcs. Lots of juggling being done and it’s all paying off. Color me impressed.

5/5 devils 😈😈😈😈😈

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