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Master Baker, Romance/Erotica Review

Author Pippa Grant

This is the spoiler free review for Master Baker. If you would like to read the spoiler full review full of ridiculous plot points and characters who are never explained please go here.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

For this V-Day I decided to have a little fun. I told my boyfriend to pick a sexy book for us to read together and he found Master Baker by Pippa Grant.

I can see why he picked it, he loves to bake, there’s a sexy man in the apron on the cover, and it was free on audible.

So I agreed and we set out to get lost in some prose that would hopefully be both people porn and food porn. Well, it was mostly neither.

Going in to Master Baker I did not know that Grant has been writing a sort of connected universe for these books and that there would be characters that pop up from some of the other books but have no introduction or back story given in this one. That was confusing and annoying.

But not as annoying as the two main characters that I’m supposed to want to end up together. Grady and Annika behave like children and are only not together because they’re childish.

Their main conflict is that the towns in which they were born don’t like each other. This is supposed to be an attempt at Romeo and Juliet but it’s so dumb! What towns hate each other that much nowadays?! They have no reason not to just hook up and enjoy each other’s company and to drag out this nothing conflict for over 300 pages is extremely tiring.

Grady has absolutely no personality outside of the very uncomfortable quirk of talking dirty to his baked goods. He’s nothing, an empty shell here to rescue Annika from her self imposed problems.

Annika has a competing bakery, even though she can’t bake. At all. It’s a running line that she once burned water. Grady is supposed to be the “master baker” but the book doesn’t seem to understand that cookies are so entry level and a real baker should probably step their game up. I wanted baked goods porn and was handed impossibilities like macaron donuts. That doesn’t even make sense!

Macarons are basically baked meringue and a donut is fried raised dough. Combining those two things would be inedible. You can’t just shove dessert words together to make a super dessert! That’s not how this works and yes I’m mad about it!

There are approximately 3 and a half sex scenes in the entire book and I’m pretty sure only one of them is actual sex. The rest is all hand stuff and it’s pretty dull and almost always in the shower because that’s where adults always get it on because sex is forbidden and shameful.

If I had not been reading this book with someone I would’ve stopped reading it pretty early on. Since I was reading it with my boyfriend though we did get some pretty heated conversations out of it. Both of us were yelling by the end about how certain scenes went nowhere or made no sense and our frustration definitely wasn’t boring so that’s something!

I read the kindle version and it felt very long. My boyfriend listened to the audiobook and said the guy doing Grady’s voice sounded like he was trying to lower his voice unnaturally and spoke like he has never been interested in anything.

I know a lot of people really like these kinds of books but they are really not for me. Please, if you have recommendations for steamy books that are also well written please let me know!

2/5 cupcakes 🧁🧁

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