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Red Sonja, Complete Gail Simone Run, Comic Book Review

Author Gail Simone

This is the spoiler free review of Red Sonja by Gail Simone. This run includes issues 1-18. If you would like to read the spoiler full review and fully experience Sonja’s crass heroism please go here.

Red Sonja is a barbarian warrior who is as badass as she is half naked. She rides a horse in a chain-mail bikini and doesn’t care that you think it’s impractical.

She drinks, she kills, she desperately wants to get laid (and is apparently pansexual which is pretty neat), but she doesn’t bathe so that last one has been more challenging than she expected.

Red Sonja is an unapologetic female protagonist. She does not need to fit into your mold of what modern feminism looks like, she’s just who she is. And I like her all the more for that.

This large collection of Gail Simone’s run of Red Sonja follows three main arcs. Each is an exciting adventure story that puts Red Sonja in a predictable path of action with a couple deviations to be thought provoking of what it means to maintain humanity in a dark and violent world.

Red Sonja hesitating to kill a stag
she doesn’t kill indiscriminately

Adventure fantasy is not my favorite genre, nor is medieval period violence. If these are your thing then you’ll probably like Red Sonja even more than I did. I just get tired of the whole random pieces of magic popping up when it’s convenient.

Overall though Red Sonja is a fun, coherent collection that serves as a great introduction to the character. I had never read anything of hers before and did not need to in order to understand and follow this one.

I really like being able to pick up a single run of comic books and be able to read it alone. There is no mandatory previous reading here and the book has an actual conclusion to the plot lines so you do not need to read 100 issues afterwards either. An absolute rarity in comics.

I definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for a new hero to follow. She is badass, strong, beautiful, and at times very funny. She also never slows down, even is she’s sick or dead or asleep or injured. She’s always fighting.

4/5 swords 🗡🗡🗡🗡

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