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She-Hulk The Complete Soule Collection, Comic Book Review

Author Charles Soule, Illustrations Javier Pulido

This is the spoiler free review for She-Hulk issues 1-12 written by Soule. If you would like to read the spoiler full review with lots of sometimes ugly pictures please visit here.

Heavy sigh.

Okay, so I loved Soule’s run on Daredevil. He really made it work and gave me something I could be excited about. But She-Hulk did not live up to that bar. (Lawyer bar, or like the test they have pass, that’s a double pun, get it?)

I’m so disappointed by this one. I really thought this would be the run that would get me into a new badass, strong, and smart female hero. Unfortunately, this just didn’t deliver.

Storytelling wise, it’s repetitive. She-Hulk walks into her office, finds a surprise guest, they go to court or battle out of court, she wins, it happens again. She-Hulk, get a lock on your door! This happens at least 4 separate times in 12 issues! And you, Soule! Find a new storytelling structure!

Additionally, there is an absolutely unbelievable story line following a court case about Captain America, who is old now. It made zero sense and I really expect better from an author with a law background.

If I’m going to spend a whole issue in the courtroom the case should be captivating. This one was laughably ridiculous in all the wrong ways. No judge anywhere would take this case.

It’s also just kind of annoying to me when fictional lawyers don’t seem to have a specialty. They’ll just take any case that walks in their office regardless of what issues it’s dealing with.

Another big problem I had with the book was an art change in the middle. It went from mediocre and inoffensive to incredibly ugly and honestly uncomfortable to look at.

Tigra in some mad ugly art
exhibit A

This completely took me out of what little story I was engaged in and I just wanted to rush through those issues to get away from the ugly.

My biggest problem with the book is something that has plagued me as a feminist through my whole life. In comics and other traditionally male-centered forms of media there is a habit of making female heroes, regardless of capability, lesser.

This happens in many ways but is frequently displayed by only giving female heroes female villains to fight. They’re apparently not strong enough to go up against the big boys so you have to drudge up D listers like Titania and Volcana to fight She-Hulk for the supposedly epic conclusion.

Where did Volcana come from? Why is she involved? She wasn’t a part of this story before, Victor Von Doom was but goodness forbid She-Hulk fight him, get her a lady to fight! Volcana would never be brought in against Man-Hulk. She-Hulk is ultra powerful, this isn’t even a balanced or interesting fight. It’s insulting to her and insulting to me as the reader.

She-Hulk deserves better. All women deserve better.

Please comment below if there is a more empowering She-Hulk run that I could read.

The feminist issues overwrite pretty much anything else for me. I stand by that.

1/5 volcanoes 🌋

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  1. Wow! Damn! I appreciate that you didn’t hold back. I wouldn’t recommend the John Byrne run of She-Hulk, although I enjoyed it. It was silly, and even though the artwork is gorgeous, totally exploitative. I would recommend you check out the A-Force Trade Paperbacks which has the Lady Avengers with She-Hulk as the leader.

    • Oh nice! Thanks for that recommendation I’ll have to check it out! I want to like she-hulk so badly but it hasn’t happened yet 😭

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