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The Intelligence Factor, Political Thriller Review

Author Mike Logsdon

This is the spoiler free review for The Intelligence Factor by Mike Logsdon. If you would like to read the spoiler full review that really gets into all the explosions and unnerving political commentary please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Mike Logsdon for providing me with a copy of his book in order to write an honest review.

The Intelligence Factor is an action movie written into a novel. It’s fast paced, exciting, violent, and has extremely high stakes.

It’s about two warring political sides. You have the Church of New Morality, a spiritual and political movement that has just taken control of the highest office in the nation. The new president is a Bishop no less.

The Intelligence Factor (IF) is the group opposing them.

With only that information I would easily say that I’m on the side of IF. I do not in any way want a church running my government. I oppose the laws that are quickly set forth by this regime.

The Church of New Morality’s first actions are to replace the death penalty with publicized lobotomies and abolish the Bill of Rights minus the second amendment because who needs freedom of speech when you have guns!

What’s punishable by lobotomy? Well, pretty much anything that your traditional Christian god would be against. Sins like sodomy and talking back to your lord and savoir President Bishop Joseph.

So obviously I’m not down with any of that. Should make this pretty cut and dry right?

Well the opposing side, IF, is against those thing too. However, they are a terrorist organization and they’re not just labeled that because they go against a fascist regime.

They are clearly a terrorist organization complete with indiscriminate violence, murders, and bombings galore. Well shit, I’m not really down with that either.

The Intelligence Factor’s greatest success as a book is that it causes all morality to be colored gray. It really highlights how dangerous blindly following an ideology can be. You must think for yourself and be held responsible for your own choices and actions in order to find a more objective morality.

Don’t worry though, this book isn’t all heavy and existential. It has some really great and intense action sequences as well as some much appreciated humor and levity.

It’s a well balanced and well paced book that had me turning pages as quickly as my eyes could keep up.

There are times when the flow is interrupted by flashbacks or when I felt like maybe the book had a few too many characters to juggle but those flaws are easily overlooked when you’re entertained.

This is a new kind of dystopian fiction. It’s far more realistic than many of the YA bestsellers that are so popular but it’s never so grounded that it isn’t fun to read. The parts that we can identify as plausible are horrifying but there’s just enough over the top craziness to keep you from feeling bogged down with real fears.

The Intelligence Factor is thought provoking but can still function as escapism. As I said, well balanced, just as any good ideology should be.

4/5 helicopters 🚁🚁🚁🚁

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    • Haha I know that feeling! I quite enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend picking it up, the good thing is that it’s a quick read. Finished 100 pages at a time like nothing.

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