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Fight Club 2, Graphic Novel Review

Author Chuck Palahniuk, Illustrations Cameron Stewart, Cover art David Mack

This is the spoiler free review for Fight Club 2, a graphic novel sequel to Fight Club, the book AND the movie. If you would like to read the spoiler full review and really dive into my rant about this bizarre insult to readers everywhere please visit here.

Usually I keep things a little moderate, language wise, for my reviews. Well here’s your warning, Ima be cursing in this one.

I’m going to assume that you’re already familiar with Fight Club, either the book or the movie. You must be, how could you have missed it? Have young people not reached the Fight Club phase of their youth yet?

This sequel assumes that you are familiar with both the movie and the book, they are mostly similar except the endings are quite different and somehow this graphic novel picks up where both of them left off. Doesn’t make sense? Well, neither does anything that happens in this one.

Back when I was a teenage edge lord Chuck Palahniuk was my god. He writes these ridiculous, offensive, grotesque, over the top books that I used to love. I had already thought that I’d outgrown him but I decided to give this graphic novel sequel to Fight Club a shot.

It started off okay. I went in with a very low bar after having rewatched the movie a few years back and finding that it maybe doesn’t hold up as well as I would have liked.

It starts with the narrator, who now has the name Sebastian, married to Marla who is insanely bored and still going to support groups. Sebastian is overmedicated to keep Tyler Durden from rearing his handsome destructive face around but Marla is trying to lure him out.

About 30 pages in it jumps the shark harder than any shark has ever been jumped and then it throws dynamite into the shark’s mouth, laughs at all the bystanders now covered in shark guts, and then flings it’s own feces all over them for good measure.

You should definitely read the spoiler full version of this review to see all the ways that this book is loaded with absolute horse shit insanity that goes so far from being fun it becomes a confusing assault to your well-being.

Don’t worry about the spoilers, you won’t believe me anyway.

The biggest problem is that Palahniuk felt the need to insert himself into the book as a meta character dripping with so much narcissism I’m pretty sure the pages are sticky with his own ejaculate.

He not only praises himself as the all mighty writer of Fight Club but then proceeds to insult everyone who ever loved it. Not metaphorically, not subtly, directly and with malice.

In short, it’s an awful awful story that is as confusing as it is personally offensive. It’s bad on purpose and thinks you’re stupid enough to take it.

I must say there is one shining positive that this book does contain. The cover art was all done by the incomparable David Mack. It’s beautiful and if this book wasn’t otherwise a pile of shit covered in garbage I’d hang it on my wall.

david mack's cover art
he has a way

Unfortunately, that is not enough to bump this up past a one star review.

I made a deal in the spoiler full review and I’ll make the same one here. If you like my angry rant review of this horrible book let me know in the comments and I’ll find the third one to read and review for you as well. I’ll suffer in your place!

1/5 what the fucks did i just reads 😖

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