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Special, YA Review

Author Chino Chakanga

This is the spoiler free review of Special, a YA novel that explores what it’s like to be abnormal in a world full of special abilities. If you would like to read the spoiler full review please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Chino Chakanga for providing me with a copy of Special in order to be able to give an honest review.

Special takes place in a world where everyone is born with special abilities. Think any basic super-power like flight, invisibility, shape-shifting, telekinesis, etc.

Hope is a young girl who was born without any abilities. The gene that causes these powers is non-functioning in her DNA. Because of this she is considered a “maladroit.” An adroit is one with many or very strong powers. Most people in this world fall somewhere in between.

Hope’s father can fly, has super strength, and super healing. Hope’s best friend can turn invisible and phase through matter. Nearly everyone Hope knows is way more advanced than she is.

Hope is undergoing painful and extreme treatment plans to attempt to activate her ability gene. She hates needles and she hates the disappointment that comes with every failed treatment.

She believes that she lets her parents down every time she doesn’t gain powers.

She also hates that the adroit bully her at school and that even her best friend is sick of hanging out with someone with no powers.

Special follows Hope as she attempts to find her place in the world. It is a pretty standard young adult coming of age story. Hope is different and needs to learn how to use that to her advantage instead of just accepting being labeled as less than everyone else.

It’s a simple story that follows well known territory but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it’s comforting to read a familiar story with a happy ending.

We root for Hope and know that by the end she will certainly prevail.

It’s a very cute book that will make you smile and give you a solid distraction for an afternoon. It’s a quick read and could be finished in just a few hours.

It also has some fun action and just enough drama to make high school sound like the hormone pit that it is.

I particularly enjoyed the relationships between high school kids. Hope meets a very nice boy who can manipulate the growth of plants and it warms the heart to see how they interact with all of the innocence and awkwardness of youth.

Pick it up and follow Hope as she journeys through the first of her many adventures as someone who is not only different but truly special.

3/5 syringes 💉💉💉

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