the invincible iron man summary and spoilers

The Invincible Iron Man Issues 20-33, Comic Book Review with Spoilers!

Author Matt Fraction, Illustrations Salvador Larroca

This is the spoiler full review of Matt Fraction’s The Invincible Iron Man issues 20-33 collected as volume 2. If you would prefer to stay spoiler free but still want to read about how Iron Man is still a jerk no matter what he does please visit here. To start with the review of volume 1 visit here.

If you somehow made it through volume 1 without thinking that Tony Stark is a jerk then this volume will more than likely get you there. Tony Stark is a jerk. Fans keep saying that he’s supposed to be a jerk. That I’m not supposed to like him. But then why am I reading this?

I don’t typically find joy in reading about unlikable people who never get their comeuppance.

Volume 2 of Fraction’s run of Iron Man starts with Stark in a coma. He’s left instructions on how to reboot his mind and get him up and running again but Pepper Potts has some reservations.

Tony Stark in a coma with other Avengers visiting
coma jerk

She is holding out for several reasons but not the least of which is that in order to get Stark running again she must have her power core removed. For some reason. Apparently the one that powers her is the only one left? I don’t know, it’s a plot device for conflict with minimal explanation.

Potts finally relents and agrees to sacrifice her own super strength and abilities in order to save the jerk Stark who keeps breaking her heart over and over again.

The present Avengers try to reboot Stark but it doesn’t work so they enlist the help of Dr. Strange and his mystic arts.

Dr Strange attempting to wake Tony Stark
he is a doctor after all

While Dr. Strange is attempting to guide Stark back into the waking world Pepper Potts and Maria Hill have an enlightening conversation. They discover that before Stark became comatose he slept with both of them in the span of about 24 hours. Like a jerk. They don’t appreciate this.

Stark makes it out of the subconscious world and has his back up brain drive running his mind. Unfortunately he neglected to upgrade this drive for some time so he is completely clueless as to the last two or so years of current events.

Stark has returned to an odd scene
the bitch is back

Stark decides that he no longer wants his name to be synonymous with weaponry and he intends to rebuild his company with innovative energy technologies.

Stark may have stepped out of the war picture but there is certainly still a market there. Enter Detroit Steel.

Detroit Steel mechs
you can practically hear the guitar riff

Detroit Steel is the new name in human operated high tech battle robots. The company is run by a Sarah Palin looking woman and her daughter, both presumed to be evil.

Stark is going to visit Tokyo to negotiate with Detroit Steel about their technologies. Before he leaves though, Potts makes it clear that her gift of her power core is not to be left as a selfless act of generosity. She wants her powers back, to be Rescue again.

I cannot blame her one bit for this. She is so unbelievably patient with Stark. It’s her turn to be the hero!

Detroit Steel has be manipulating old Stark patents and Stark ties them to Stane, the villain from volume 1.

Stane, a bad guy


So Potts gets some new bio mechanics put in, not sure why those couldn’t have gone to Stark initially but whatever. Then her and Stark attend a fundraising gala together. While attempting to dance with each other they discover that their individual bio mechanics repel each other like opposing magnets.

They have a moment of wanting to kiss but are unable to get close enough together.

And then Stark races out the door with the younger Detroit Steel girl without telling Potts anything. Jerk.

As a reader I was very mad at this point. He has a plan to manipulate her and not to sleep with her but I don’t know that and Potts doesn’t know that!

He goes out with the girl and discovers that she has her own suped up bio tech given to her by Stane.

stane's tech
she does look cool

Everything gets a little out of control since it turns out that Detroit Steel released a mobile game where people fly drones to act in battle. The drones are real and they’re really firing at real locations but the civilians controlling them don’t know that.

Stark is attacked along with many civilians as he reveals his latest technology, a fancy electric car, to new investors.

There are lots of injuries and casualties, including Rescue. Potts might be dying inside her suit.

The volume concludes on a couple of cliff hangers. Detroit Steel and Stane team up with the Mandarin for some evil purposes. And Stark uses his new car to get to Potts just in time.

After he rescues her yet again he proceeds to end the book with a date with some nameless blonde girl.

jerk Tony Stark ignoring Pepper Potts to sleep with a stranger
that’s pepper calling


Why is he like this?!

To be completely honest I’m not going to continue this run and I’ll get into more of the why in my next post. I can’t take this jerk face anymore even if the story is alright.

This book has plenty of action. And there is certainly no shortage of conflict and bad guys. The biggest problem is that one of the bad guys is supposed to be our hero.

If you like Iron Man already I’m sure this run will be great for you. However, at this point, I’m certain that Iron Man is just not for me.

3/5 fast cars 🏎🏎🏎

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