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Whammy, ARC Novel Review

Author Ted Akin

This is the spoiler free review of Whammy by Ted Akin. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with the big reveal of what makes this book more fantasy than reality please visit here.

Thank you to author Ted Akin for providing me with a copy of Whammy in exchange for an honest review. Whammy is set to be released June 4th 2020.

Whammy starts off as a small town Texas slice of life story. It follows Klive as he works for an oil company in Lily Grove. Oil is the big employer for this small town and he has the thankless task of investigating safety concerns.

He lives above a coffee shop with coffee shop owner Stacey. She is also the town drug dealer and just uses the shop as a front for her real passion, marijuana.

For the first third of the book we follow Klive as he tiredly investigates the sudden death of one of his coworkers. The reader gets the vague feeling that there’s more to this story that we aren’t seeing but they don’t have a foothold on it yet.

The book doesn’t really get going until we discover that Klive isn’t the protagonist of this story at all. Stacey is the one we should be following! And once we do Whammy takes off.

The novel goes from small town humdrum to magical, over the top, life and death style excitement. Once Stacey takes the lead the whole book lights up and becomes far more interesting.

There are a lot of meta elements to this book. These elements bring out an experimental feel in the novel. I appreciate it but at the same time it needs more polish. It’s very difficult to accomplish this sort of ground breaking storytelling narrative the first time around.

I’ve been assured that there will be a sequel that follows and I have high hopes that that one will have the rough edges smoothed out.

Whammy is a prologue. It’s an introduction to the way that author Akin thinks and writes. Conceptually, it’s solid and interesting but the editing still needs a little work. It doesn’t flow smoothly and has a few parts that get a little confusing.

Parts of the book read like a dream where you know who the character is but they look like someone else so you start to think they’re someone else but you know deep down who they really are. You know when you try to describe that kind of dream to someone and it comes out fragmented and bumbling but they get the gist? That’s the second act of Whammy.

The pieces for great world building have been laid and I have confidence that the sequel will be even more successful than the first. Whammy is a decent read and is the start of a series to watch out for.

3/5 Texas smiles 🤠🤠🤠

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