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Kludged Singularity, Sci Fi Review

Author Tony L. Joy

This is the spoiler free review of Kludged Singularity. If you would like to read the spoiler full review and read all about the mind twisting science fiction from the very near future please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Tony L. Joy for providing me with a copy of Kludged Singularity in order to write this honest review.

Kludged Singularity is what modern science fiction is all about. It takes technology that we already have or will soon have and poses a scenario that is thought provoking, creepy, and sympathetic.

The basic premise follows the individual stories of two tech professionals, Alan and Surendra as they get dragged into a world they weren’t prepared for. It also follows Kludge, a personal assistant program that turns sentient AI.

The book deals heavily with the deeper consequences of advanced AI technology and how it should be responsibly used. It does this in a way that is masterfully entertaining so if that sounded like it would be dense and boring please don’t fret.

I appreciate that Kludged Singularity does not shy away from the tech side of things. It doesn’t dumb everything down or speak in vague terms. I am not a tech person, I’m always impressed by myself when I can accomplish a simple photoshop task. But I still found this book approachable. At the same time, I never felt placated.

A lot occurs in this book that I would consider to be a spoiler so I won’t go very deep into the plot and characters in this review. But I did find the main characters delightfully relatable.

Alan is my work spirit animal on my worst days. He likes to fly under the radar and underachieve just enough so that he can spend time on the clock working on his side projects. Don’t tell my boss but how do you think I get so many book reviews written?

Surendra is painfully shy and socially awkward. He blasts metal music in his headphones to stop the noise of the world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done exactly that.

The key to this story lies in the characters. They’re individuals who I’ve either been or known before. I’m sure you’ll find someone you know among the cast of this book. And in a story that deals heavily with what it means to be a “real” person versus “just an AI” that relatability is mandatory.

Kludged Singularity is not only thought provoking but extremely entertaining. Toward the end I just kept reading because I had to know what happened. At about 2 AM I finally put the finished book down and excitedly emailed Tony L. Joy about how much I loved it because that just couldn’t wait until sunrise.

The ending is marvelous, and I think that’s rare. Typically books fizzle out by the end or get wrapped up in a conveniently neat bow. Kludged Singularity has a strong conclusion with vivid imagery that I can still picture clearly days after finishing it.

I sincerely hope that some of you will pick up this book and then please reach out to me to discuss it. I’m dying to talk about it in depth with someone else who’s read it so do me and yourself a favor and click the link below!

5/5 totally average non sentient robots

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