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Christine, Horror Novel Review

Author Stephen King

This is the spoiler free review of Stephen King’s Christine. If you would like to read the spoiler full review and get into the gory details please visit here.

One of the reading goals that I set for myself in 2020 was to actually read a whole Stephen King novel front to back. Weirdly enough, I’ve never done that. I know many of you cannot fathom a world in which that is true but it is.

I asked around and everyone said to read IT. I’m sure that’s a very fine book but I’m stubborn and didn’t want to read 1,000 pages when I just saw the movie so I somehow ended up with Christine instead.

All I knew about it is that it’s the one about the murder car. I haven’t seen the movie and I knew I could go in fresh.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The story unfolds in an entertaining way and most importantly, the deaths are freaking brutal. I like my horror gory thank you very much!

Christine goes deeper than just demon car kills people. It has a lot more story to it than that and I enjoyed reading it. The characters get developed just enough for you to care about them a little and that’s enough for this kind of book.

I had a few issues with the personalities of some of the characters and the language they use. Mainly, that there’s some pretty sexist parts that I can’t ignore. No matter how minor or “of a different time” it is my duty to point out sexism, racism, or other issues when they occur. Since Christine spends a lot of time using derogatory words against women and blaming their moodiness on their periods it’s mandatory that I speak up against it.

With that pointed out my only other major problem with the book was the narration. The book starts with one of the characters, Dennis, as the narrator. But for the entire middle third of the book he’s been removed from the story line and isn’t present to witness the events so he’s just not the narrator anymore. No one is, just some out of body third party narrator.

It’s very odd to me that Dennis needed to be a narrator at all. The whole book could’ve been told in third person and it wouldn’t have changed the context at all. We still could have known how Dennis and everyone was feeling. I just wouldn’t have been confused when the switch occurred but it wasn’t ever actually pointed out.

But it was largely a fun read. And since this is considered to be one of King’s far lesser works I would certainly be willing to give one of his “masterpieces” a shot somewhere down the line.

If you’re already a fan of King’s definitely don’t discount this “lesser” work.

3/5 cars 🚘🚘🚘

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  1. Christine is one of my favourite Stephen King books. Its not all that original really, but its very well written, and the characters really draw you in. Have you seen the film? That’s pretty good as well.

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