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The Purest Form of Chaos, Novel Review

Author Eliza S Robinson

This is the spoiler free review of The Purest Form of Chaos by Eliza S Robinson. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with all of the shocking twists please visit here.

Thank you so much to Eliza S Robinson for providing me with a copy of her book in exchange for this honest review.

The Purest Form of Chaos is the best dystopian hero’s journey I think I’ve ever read. It takes all of the typical tropes and cliches and rejects them in exchange for two strong female protagonists who never once get involved in a standard love triangle.

Every complaint I’ve ever had about popular fantasy or adventure novels is addressed and corrected in this book. I gobbled it right up and can’t wait for the sequel.

The book follows Phoenix and Persephone as they attempt to take down a corrupt Tsar in post World War 3 Russia.

Their individual strength is admirable and should be praised but it is really their friendship that attracted me to this book. It is so unbelievably rare to see two female characters simply get along, let alone actually work together for the betterment of each other and the world.

These two women bond together, help each other grow, help each other conquer bad guys, and love each other in healthy ways. And despite one of them being bisexual they never even hint at a romantic relationship with one another.

For some reason, mainstream media has for too long perpetuated the notion that women can only love each other if they also find each other sexually attractive. Women can be friends! Without being catty! Bond together women, you aren’t in competition against each other!

The other main trope that is addressed is that of the rape fantasy. Somehow, it has become commonplace for consent to not be mandatory in a love story. The Purest Form of Chaos takes a strong stance in favor of consent of all degrees and I can’t endorse it enough!

No, a woman doesn’t have to fall in love with her kidnapper. No, a woman doesn’t just learn to like it. Women are empowered here. Empowered to make their own choices regarding their bodies, their love lives, and their futures. Additionally, love is never the end goal. Love is a nice bonus but there is definitely more to life and the world.

But the book never slips into the man-hating brand of feminism. There are bad men in the story but there are also bad women. There are also good men. Individuals are evil or righteous or, more realistically, shades of both at different times. Genders are never villainized as a whole, only people are. It’s marvelous.

The themes are strong and modern. It’s progressive and fills me with hope for the future of the dystopian adventure novel.

On top of all of that the plot is intriguing, full of twists and turns. Which all brings us to an ending that I was not at all expecting. It’s an entertaining page turner that had me engaged the entire time.

It’s a well thought out and well planned book. There are some cliff hangers that need a sequel to be resolved but no loose ends within the book. If something is mentioned casually in the beginning of the book it comes back around by the time the book is over. Every character has a purpose and all of the pieces fit together nicely.

I strongly recommend The Purest Form of Chaos and can only hope that everyone who made this genre so popular with so many best sellers can please give it a chance. It’s better. Simply better.

5/5 fruits 🍍🍎🍋🍌🍉

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