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New Avengers (2004-2010) Issues 1-31, Comic Book Review

Author Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrations and Art David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’Armata

This is the spoiler free review of the first half of Brian Michael Bendis’ 2004-2010 run of New Avengers. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with pictures please visit here.

Are you ready for the New Avengers?! Well, are you familiar with the events of Civil War, House of M, and the Secret Wars? Are you also familiar with a huge lineup of Marvel heroes, villains, organizations, and obscure locations?

Then maybe.

Brian Michael Bendis’ 2004-2010 run of The New Avengers is 64 issues long total. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to break up the reviews so I basically just found a good cliffhanger at about the halfway spot and planted my flag there.

Issues 1-31 contain tie ins to Civil War and House of M and it is imperative that you are at least somewhat familiar with these events for this book to make even a little sense. There is a lot going on and it doesn’t take the time to walk you through it.

If you’re a huge nerd like me who read all of Civil War including all side books and read House of M then this book will be awesome for you.

It’s got big heroes facing up against even bigger villains. Plenty of action but also a lot of emotion and conflict that isn’t just violent. I particularly like the details revolving around Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ relationship.

Somehow Bendis manages to keep track of dozens of characters and conflicts without losing site of what the end goal is. Everything seems to come back around in time and all of the characters have a reason to be here.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying learning about Jessica Drew, aka Spiderwoman, a character that I was barely familiar with prior to this run. I’m also super biased but this run contains two of my favorite Marvel characters of all time, Echo and Elektra. So that’s a huge win in my book.

I also got a reminder of just how freaking good Civil War is. The Luke Cage tie in present in this run of New Avengers could win over even the staunchest Marvel opponents, it’s art.

If you are not a huge Marvel nerd already, Civil War is a much better place to start. However, if you’ve already read a lot of Marvel this New Avengers run will be a treat. You’re likely to find one of your favorite characters as well as plenty of new ones.

This book will keep you busy and keep you turning the pages for all 64 issues. There is no shortage of entertainment in these panels.

4/5 super powered beings 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

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I wasn’t really happy with how they collected this run in trades but here’s the first 10 issues to get you started:

Buy it here: New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout (The New Avengers)

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