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Curse of the Ninth, Novel Review

Author Ruthie Marlenee

This is the spoiler free review of Curse of the Ninth by Ruthie Marlenee. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with every step of revenge please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Ruthie Marlenee for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Curse of the Ninth is a story of revenge. A story of betrayal. But above all, it is the story of a very dysfunctional father son relationship.

Doc is the father, Charley is the son. Charley is haunted by his father in a way that damages him irreversibly. He must figure out a way to free himself from his father’s expectations or he will never be able to find a healthy life.

That may seem vague but it’s better to let the story unfurl for you. Marlenee is a masterful author. She commands this story with such lovely prose you’ll feel like you’re reading an old classic (except you won’t be bored). The scenes are impeccably set and the character development is strong.

Each character has their own motivations and flaws and none of them could be considered stereotypes. They’re true to life characters. This helps balance the mild supernatural events that occur. Nothing like a fantasy novel but Curse of the Ninth dips just slightly out of traditional reality.

The theme of phowa, a transference of consciousness at the time of death, comes into play heavily in this story. It’s a word I was previously unfamiliar with but the premise certainly makes for a solid dramatic novel.

The narrative is split throughout the book and we get the story from the perspective of Doc and then his son Charley. I found the split a little confusing at the beginning of the book but as the story and characters developed it was much easier to follow along.

Marlenee’s writing style assured me that she knew what she was doing and kept me intrigued even through the mild confusion. It’s one of those books that gets better and better as it goes along.

The reader gets to learn more about the past of the characters and starts to piece things together for themselves. It’s an interactive story that requires the reader’s full attention. But don’t worry, you’ll want to give it to this book.

A sequel is in the works. I am unsure about how this story will be continued but I am confident that Marlenee is an author who can only get better with each book she writes. Her talent is palpable on every page.

If you love a good family drama story that takes place over two generations this book is definitely for you. But it is also for you if you just appreciate well written fiction. Pick it up!

4/5 scores 🎼🎼🎼🎼

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