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Fatale, Graphic Novel Review

Author Ed Brubaker, Illustrations Sean Phillips

This is the spoiler free review of Fatale, a Lovecraftian noir graphic novel from the minds of Brubaker and Phillips. If you would like to read the spoiler full version complete with all of the weird monsters and revelations please visit here.

This was my introduction to the works of Brubaker and Phillips. And a solid one at that! I am excited to keep reading their dark noir graphic novels after this one.

Fatale is about a woman named Jo. She is mysterious, might be immortal, and definitely has a strong power over any man she meets. She also has ties to a monstrous cult that does all the classic sacrifices and blood pacts.

The series moves back and forth along a time line that is longer than Jo’s youthful appearance would suggest. We get to see Jo’s present, past, and ultimately what happens to her.

There are twists and turns, revelations, myths, and lots of sex and violence. There is absolutely no shortage of entertainment on these pages. If you are expecting to read this casually, reconsider. There is a ton packed on these pages.

Jo is an incredibly complex female protagonist. Yes, she is sexy, but she is so much more. She’s haunted, powerful yet vulnerable, brave yet tired, and above all else she just wants to find a way out.

Fatale is a disturbing mystery that takes the reader across at least three generations as well as locations both grounded and mystical.

The art is absolutely stunning. Phillips really matches Brubaker’s prose in both mood and intensity. They compliment each other seamlessly.

The main issue with this book is that it could be a little confusing at times. Particularly at the beginning when you still have no idea about the mythos surround Jo and the cult. It felt like there were a bunch of characters that I had no idea who they were or what their relationships were for at least three issues.

Additionally, volume 3 of Fatale is a weak middle run. It features several loosely connected stories surrounding women similar to Jo throughout history but it ultimately didn’t add to the series overall.

Despite those couple of flaws I can still strongly recommend this book. I am very interested to read more from this pair and see how much more complex and dark they can get. It’s always good to read anything new and they seem to have captured a mix of old style with new content.

Any noir fan should take a step out of their comfort zone to explore this graphic novel series.

4/5 tentacle creatures 🐙🐙🐙🐙

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