alter ego the other me issue two summary and spoilers

Alter Ego, Issue 2, Comic Novel Review with Spoilers!

Alter Ego: The Other Me Issue 2 by author Dave Terruso, Illustrations Nick DeStefano

This is the spoiler full review of Alter Ego: The Other Me, issue 2. If you would prefer to stay spoiler free but still want to read about how this is my favorite ongoing series of any genre right now please visit here. The spoiler full review of issue 1 can be found here so you can catch up.

Thank you so very much to author Dave Terruso for providing me with a copy in exchange for this honest review.

Also, this issue gets dark and the plot points discussed in this review are not suitable for kids or sensitive audiences. At all.

If you read my review of Issue 1 you’ll know that I LOVED it. I was so very excited to read issue 2 and it did not disappoint!

We left Issue 1 with Club determining that Annie projects the superhero Blue while she sleeps. Club wants to test to see if she has other powers that might prove useful. But they aren’t sure how to do this without risking serious injury.

Club is busy getting intimidated by his sadistic boss Erika while Annie gets kidnapped for the first time. There will be a lot of kidnapping in this book.

While Club is searching for Annie her foster family finally figures out she’s been missing and start a mild search as well.

We get a little backstory on Club around this time. In his former career as a police officer he was encouraged to leave the force after his partner went recklessly into a situation that got him severely injured and Club didn’t have his back.

Erika has Annie and is torturing her, gleefully. Delvin, introduced in issue 1 as a mustachioed rich guy with unclear motives, is trying to buy her out of imprisonment. But Erika doesn’t need money, she needs pain.

Alter Ego: The other me Erika torturing Annie
green hues only

Club discovers his phone is bugged and is in need of a plan. He teams up with Black Adam, introduced in issue 1 as a teenage comic book nerd with an affinity toward solving mysteries. Black Adam surprises the reader throughout this whole issue. At this point he steals an assault rifle from his drunk uncle and agrees to act as sniper over a hostage negotiation.

Club meets with Erika under the agreement that he’ll become her lifelong indentured servant in exchange for Annie. Of course she neglects to bring Annie with her to the meet up.

Things start to go sideways and Black Adam straight murders Erika’s guards from the adjacent rooftop. Um… yo Black Adam? Where’d you learn to shoot like that?

Erika then shocks the reader by revealing how insane and twisted she really is. She gets intensely sexually aroused by violence and the misery of others. Sexually aroused to the point of uncontrollable actions. To the point of fingering herself with the blood of her own guards as lube.

Dude. You can’t seriously tell me you’ve seen a sicker villain than that!

Club has many many emotions going at the sight of this. He manages to get her handcuffed and Erika is crying for him to rape her. Club, who seriously needs to get laid by an adult women who consents to the activity, briefly considers this proposal before shaking it out of his id.

Alter Ego panels featuring Erika's tits
those tits tho…

As in issue 1, one of the best things that author Terruso does with these books is brutal and disgusting honesty. He doesn’t shy away from the darkness that is in all of us. Those thoughts you dare not speak out loud, he puts them on the page in full color.

Club kidnaps Erika and is going to attempt to trade her for Annie. On the way to the next hostage exchange location Club learns Erika’s motives. She honestly just wants to kill Blue for the fun of it. She thinks it will cause world wide heartbreak and she can’t wait to watch.

This whole time there’s been a mysterious guy piloting a drone following the action. We do not yet know who this man is and we won’t know through this whole issue. That will be a reveal for another time.

The reporter who worked with Club in issue 1 retrieves Annie for them. Club, Annie, and Black Adam steal a car and try to form the next step of the plan on the go.

That is until they realize that Blue sticks close to Annie. He’s a beacon to their hunters every time she falls asleep. With their location compromised Club gets kidnapped the second he goes out for supplies.

Now Erika has both Club and Annie in her custody. Black Adam managed to get away but has to face a miserable home life while he’s separated from the action.

One of Erika’s henchmen, who turns out to also be her twin brother, decides to finally step up and stop her. Erika kills her brother easily and without remorse.

She reveals her plans to Club just like any true super villain should. She has Club’s car wired with explosives and has it parked at the children’s hospital. Yup, she’s going to blow up sick kids.

She has camera feeds displaying what will soon be the action as well as a countdown timer going. This is all in full view of both Club and Annie as they are meant to enjoy the show. But that isn’t enough for our demented villainess. She still needs to get hers.

She begins to rape Club and is trying to time her orgasm with the countdown timer so she’ll explode at the same time as the children. That was a weird sentence to write. This book is fucked up ya’ll!

The sight of Erika on top of Club finally gets Annie angry enough to display the powers she actually does have. She breaks through her handcuffs and punches Erika’s head clean off her body!

Annie punching Erika's head off of her body in Alter Ego issue 2
you knocked her block off!

Wow, okay, so Erika is clearly no longer a threat but the countdown to massacred cancer kids is.

This book contains a lot of tiny clues and patterns that are sprinkled like breadcrumbs throughout both issues so far. I’m certain I’ve missed many of them but I did pick up on the number 8. All of the countdown timers showed have numbers that add up to 8. What this means? Couldn’t tell you, but I noticed it and that’s enough for me right now.

So, cancer kids in danger. Annie manages to kill her way through the high security building but even with everyone dead they’re still locked inside.

They have no choice but to test the limits of Annie and Blue’s connection. They jump off the roof hoping it will summon Blue to save them. On their way down Annie kisses Club and he loves it. He loves it but feels an incredible guilt and shame because she’s still seriously underage.

Blue does save them from splattering all over the pavement and then rushes to get the car away from the hospital. He saves the kids and the car explodes midair in a spectacular show.

blue carrying a car
action comics!

Devlin arrives to attempt the final kidnapping of the issue but Annie isn’t having it. She beats the ever loving hell out of everyone and traps them in their own kidnapping van.

Post climax, a misguided and well intentioned Club tells Annie that he would like to formally adopt her and give her a home. She’s terribly offended. She doesn’t want him to be her dad she wants him to be her boyfriend! They part in anger.

Club decides to finally try and form a healthy relationship with someone and invites Danny’s parents to dinner. Danny’s family was introduced in issue 1, just go read issue 1 first. He also invites Black Adam and Denise, another one of Erika’s victims to join the broken family party.

That night Club is woken up by Blue standing at the foot of his bed. Without his mask on. Blue says Club needs to help him save the world from the end. To do this he must talk to “the other me” Devlin Godfrey.

Cliff hanger! And I’m pretty upset at how long I’ll have to wait for issue 3! This book is wild!

I haven’t been this thrilled by a series… ever? It’s incredible. I can’t wait to go back through when it’s done and pick apart all the clues I missed the first time. I cannot recommend this series enough and I’m certain that even after reading this review and having it all spoiled it will still be an astounding read for you.

It’s original, smart, creative, dark, funny, gross, sexy, wrong, exciting, taboo, emotional, every other adjective you can think of that you want a book to be. Go get it. Now!

5/5 fiery explosions 💥💥💥💥💥

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