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Alter Ego, Issue 2, Comic Novel Review

Author Dave Terruso, Illustrations Nick DeStefano

This is the spoiler free review of issue 2 of Alter Ego: The Other Me. The spoiler free review of issue 1 can be found here. The spoiler full review of issue 2 complete with all of the insanely dark twists and awesome pictures can be found here.

Thank you so much to author Dave Terruso for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

The first issue of Alter Ego: The Other Me left me enthralled and wanting more. Issue 2 doubled it.

Everything that I found captivating and intriguing about issue 1 is multiplied in issue 2. There is more action, more creativity, more more more. It’s also way darker. Like disturbing and grotesquely darker. But in the best possible way.

This may be just a remnant from my days as a teenage edge lord but I love anything that can still shock me. I spent so many years watching all of the most extreme exploitation flicks I could find. Or the most despicable books or music or anything to really push the limits of decency.

At a certain point I either grew up a little or just ran out of material. I stopped finding any thrill in it. Well every once in a while I’ll find a book or movie or something that can still find new lines to cross. This second issue found some interesting lines.

I was astonished at how deeply demented the villain Erika is. We only got a hint as to her sadistic debauchery in issue 1. Issue 2 throws you in the deep end of her depravity and doesn’t let you turn away.

One of the best things about this book is that it has pictures. It’s half comic book, half novel. So when something really needs emphasis you get to see it in two forms. Erika baring her true colors in her signature green top is something that stuck with me for days.

The color scheme of the pictures is important. I haven’t quite cracked the code as to what everything actually means yet but I know that the colors green, blue, and pink are important. Numbers and symbols also come into play.

Alter Ego makes you slow down. You read the words then investigate the pictures. It’s so much fun to attempt to decipher the meaning hidden within each panel. Everything is so meticulously planned and formatted. And with the brevity of fewer than 100 pages everything carries weight. There isn’t a single superfluous word or image.

Just as in the first issue, there is a lot packed into just a few pages. Do not expect to fly through it in one sitting. Take your time and really think about it as you go from page to page. Pay attention, be engaged. It’s so worth it.

Issue 2 has a couple of big reveals but there is still a lot left unknown. I’m going to be horribly impatient waiting for the next issue. I know that author Terruso has even bigger and even darker tricks up his sleeves for the whole series.

The biggest trick of all is showing me something I’ve never seen before. The format is new and exciting, the story is new, the characters, the action, the twists, the turns, it’s all new to me. I’ve never read anything like it, a truly original work!

I cannot recommend Alter Ego: The Other Me enough. It’s spectacular and I sincerely hope you’ll pick up both issues and start the journey through this highly inventive series.

5/5 fiery explosions 💥💥💥💥💥

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