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Goodbye, Moonflower, Novel Review

Author Connor De Bruler

This is the spoiler free review of Goodbye, Moonflower by Connor De Bruler. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with the dramatic reveal please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Connor De Bruler for providing me with a copy in exchange for this honest review.

Goodbye, Moonflower is my favorite kind of novel. It’s dark and deeply disturbing but is written so beautifully it feels like a lovely nightmare that you might want to leave but never want to forget.

It follows Lemmie, an African American woman who works the night shift as a locksmith. She’s a former Marine and lives a simple life after receiving her purple heart.

One night she sets out for another shift of helping people unlock their cars or homes but receives the calls from an unfamiliar dispatcher. This dispatcher will end up sending her on a journey she was never expecting.

The first half of the book is eerie and creepy in a way I found truly enjoyable. It’s like watching a horror movie in the dark and laughing nervously when you hear a bump outside.

The second half of the book maintains a creepiness but speeds up the action. Everything becomes higher stakes. Less atmospheric horror, more rage.

Goodbye, Moonflower is paced exceedingly well. Author De Bruler maintains a tension throughout the entire story. And he graciously relieves the reader of it at the end. It’s the rare book that doesn’t loose interest after the reveal and has a satisfying ending as well!

Without getting trite or pretentious De Bruler manages to successfully develop an entire philosophy in this one story. There is more world building in these 250 pages than many fantasy series accomplish in 6 books.

I’m excited to see more from De Bruler, he is definitely an author to have on your radar. His talent for writing is clear on these pages. Some prose flows like water, his moves like shadows. Dark, ethereal, mysterious, and all encompassing. I challenge you to get distracted as you read this book.

Modern horror stories have evolved far beyond the typical slashers and monsters. This horror finds the dread that plagues many of us any day of the week. A general uneasiness that things aren’t right, aren’t as they should be. Then it amplifies it and brings on the violence that confirms your fears.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a chill sent down their spine. And then another one.

5/5 locks with keys 🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐

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