1969 a brief and beautiful trip back

1969, Novel Review

Author Sea Gudinski

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Thank you so much to author Sea Gudinski for providing me with a copy of 1969 in exchange for this honest review.

1969: A Brief & Beautiful Trip Back

1969 is an epic road trip novel through time and space. It has a few fantasy elements that allow it to take some liberties through time but it balances reality with fantasy in the end.

Rhiannon is a young woman in the year 2000. She loves playing the drums in her 1960s rock cover band. She longs for the past, the time in which she thinks she would have belonged.

A series of mysterious events allow her to to travel back to 1969 and fully indulge in her fantasy lifestyle. Drugs and rock music take center stage for her to come of age in the summer of ’69.

She experiments with every hallucinogen you can think of, every psychedelic that could help her unlock the mysteries of the universe. Each trip is described in great detail and seems to come from a place of loving experience.

I do believe that experimenting with psychedelic drugs can be enlightening and fully encourage anyone to do so at least once in controlled and safe circumstances. I completely relate to some of the revelations Rhiannon has while under the influence of substances such as acid, mushrooms, or peyote.

It is important to find your place in the universe and to find your tribe. Rhiannon gets to experience a true sense of wonder and belonging before reality comes back into view.

1969 works very well as a complete novel. By the ending we have learned so much about all of the characters, we care deeply for them. But we only get there by reading a few hundred pages of meandering road trip escapades.

Some of the journeys this group embarks on become a little repetitive or even somewhat dull. The bulk of the book is spent describing drug trips and philosophizing about the meaning of life and everything in the universe. These pages do help to fill out the characters and their relationships to each other which does make for an overall more fulfilling novel but is somewhat tedious while it’s happening.

I found myself craving conflict throughout the fantasy part of the book. Everything was just going way too smoothly and it seemed like Rhiannon’s dream life was never going to end. When it finally did I felt more relieved than anything. I did not wish her harm but I was honestly kind of glad to see her finally face some trials.

Growing up will happen in part through philosophizing and finding meaning but a big part of growing up is overcoming adversity. It wasn’t until Rhiannon had some major issues to deal with that I really felt like she learned anything.

By the end she is a full character, a full person. Her journey is an epic one indeed, it just took some time to realize it. That makes this time travel fantasy even more realistic.

Overall, 1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back is a lovely journey of what it means to grow up in any time period. I can definitely recommend it to fans of road trip novels and any well written contemporary fiction. It’s a handcrafted tale that reflects author Sea Gudinski well.

Life has its ups and downs and all we can do is learn from every encounter along the way.

4/5 drums 🥁🥁🥁🥁

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