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Defenders Vol 1+2, Comic Book Review

Author Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrations David Marquez

This is the spoiler free review of Defenders by Brian Michael Bendis. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with more pictures of the gorgeous art please visit here.

This run of Defenders was written as a companion to the Netflix shows put out around the same time. I absolutely loved the shows. Except for Iron Fist of course, literally no one was a fan of that one. But if you also liked all of the others then this series will not be a disappointment.

Bendis doesn’t do things halfway. This could have easily been a throwaway money maker run but it really stands on its own.

The star of the book is Luke Cage. He’s up against Diamondback, the man who put him in jail and is subsequently the reason he has his powers. Diamondback has a new drug he’s putting on the streets and the Defenders need to get it off.

The run includes a ton of cameos, including an issue starring Deadpool. He does what he always does and really steals focus but it works to lighten up the issues.

Punisher also comes in to play the anti-hero but is also the source of some unexpected humor, at least at his expense.

luke cage splashed with acid by the punisher
cause he’s a psychopath

It also includes a few of my all time favorite Marvel characters. Ben Urich, Elektra, and Echo. So, I’m biased but I like them! I get excited to see them!

The art is quite good, the colors are really eye catching. It captures the story well and the pages flow seamlessly.

It’s honestly just a fun book, lots of action, a simple but coherent plot, and characters who all have their own purpose. It’s so important in these team comics to give everyone a reason to be there and it’s one of the things that Bendis is an absolute master of.

If you enjoyed the shows this is a must read. If you are unfamiliar with most of these characters this really isn’t a bad place to start. You don’t need a ton of backstory to understand this one. And that’s pretty rare for comics.

At two volumes is also quite manageable in length. So go ahead, give it a shot!

4/5 devils of hell’s kitchen 😈😈😈😈

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Defenders Vol. 1: Diamonds Are Forever

Defenders Vol. 2: Kingpins of New York

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