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Lost Touch, Mystery Novel Review

Author Dave Terruso

This is the spoiler free review of Lost Touch by Dave Terruso. If you want to read the spoiler full review complete with whodunnit please visit here.

Lost Touch is a rare find. It’s a mystery novel that is not part of a series. It stands on its own. Lina, the psychic protagonist, has this one meaningful story. Not an endless series of episodic crimes to solve. It’s truly wonderful to have a story that has a complete beginning, middle, and end.

It’s also rare that a mystery be a full story. Completely thought out with chracter development and everything! Too many mysteries seems to rely heavily on a twist ending and forget to add substance. Author Terruso has packed Lost Touch full to bursting with substance.

Lost Touch is about the aforementioned Lina. She’s a psychic with actual psychic abilities. She’s not a medium or some shyster mentalist. She’s a psychic. And she uses her powers to make a modest living for herself.

She also helps to solve some murders and missing persons cases on a volunteer basis. Her latest case will prove to be her toughest one to date.

Her brother in law is murdered by a serial killer and on the way back home to help she is involved in an accident that causes her to lose her psychic powers. She’s lost her touch you see.

Nevertheless, she is determined to help solve this case. The novel takes you on her journey as she comes to terms with her limitations as well as finds her family and home all over again.

Lost Touch is masterfully paced. Terruso knows when to drop clues. Just enough that the reader is engaged, not confused, and could potentially solve the mystery with just the right amount of effort.

There are no obnoxious red herrings and every twist makes sense after the fact. I cannot tell you how much I loathe a gimmicky twist ending. Lost Touch has an ending that adds up.

In addition to all of that the characters are real and interesting. Nobody is a stereotype and nothing is predictable except for the very basics of human behavior.

Lina is a model protagonist. She’s powerful but has her flaws. She’s relatable and her ups and downs with family and friends will certainly remind you of a personal relationship of your own.

Lost Touch doesn’t shy away from sex and violence, it is not a YA thriller. But it also doesn’t go over the top with the gore in order to make it seem edgy. Violence is part of the story but is not the only entertainment factor.

If you are looking for a mystery thriller that has a lot more to it than the average airport buy this is the book for you. I cannot recommend the works of Terruso enough. Please go check out his whole catalogue!

5/5 snowy days 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨

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