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Titan, Graphic Novel Review

Author Francois Vigneault

This is the spoiler free review for Titan, a Graphic novel about the struggle of working class versus management that will seemingly go on for all eternity. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with adult themes please visit here.

Thank you so much to author Francois Vigneault for providing me with a copy of Titan in exchange for this honest review.

I’ve spent my whole adult life as an entry level worker. Various fields, various locations, various vocations. But I still haven’t found that “career path.” This means I’ve spent my whole adult life battling managers, supervisors, captains, leaders of all sorts who have the audacity to tell me how to do a job they’ve never done.

Because of this I found Titan extraordinarily relatable. It’s the story of miners on Jupiter’s moon Titan. The Titan workers are large humans engineered specifically to withstand the low gravity atmosphere of the moon. This specific mine has been underperforming due to outdated equipment, lack of funding, and possibly some less than adequate workers.

Joao is the Terran human sent by management to straighten the place up. It’s his job to determine how to make the mine more profitable and more efficient.

Now, as a worker, when I hear that management wants to stick its nose in my business and tell me how to do my job I cringe. We all do. We know they need to do their jobs we just never like how they do it. Get me better equipment and then we can talk about my performance!

But Titan actually made me feel for Joao as well as the miners. From his perspective his duties make sense and I can understand why he would do the things he does. The most truly shocking part of Titan to me was that I would ever sympathize with management.

The reader gets to feel for both sides through the relationship between Joao and outspoken union representative Phoebe. We can understand both of their positions and therefore see all sides to the conflict.

Somehow I was rooting for both of them even though they are in what seems to be direct opposition. The key is humanization. These characters are real and they have far more to them than just their job titles.

Titan is a science fiction graphic novel that is definitely for an adult audience. In order to fully appreciate the book it definitely will help if you held a few jobs.

Additionally it does contain graphic sex and some violence. Just as a heads up for anyone thinking that a book about unionized workers could be for their kids.

Graphic novels like Titan are a marvelous medium for this brand of realistic science fiction. We get to see some tech that is likely coming in the not too distant future, some space travel, and some nudity. Win, win, win.

Titan is now available in english and I highly recommend you pick up a copy for you and all your coworkers.

4/5 kisses of the proletariat 💋💋💋💋

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