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A Trade in Tears, Thriller Review

Author Samantha Shiye

This is the spoiler free review of A Trade in Tears. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with whodunnit, please visit here.

Thank you to author Samantha Shiye for providing me with a copy of A Trade in Tears in exchange for this honest review.

A Trade in Tears is a thriller about sex traffficking, serial rape, pedophilia, and police corruption. It is also a thriller that deviates slightly into paranormal territory with voices from the dead.

Based on the synopsis I was expecting more psychic activity and less campfire ghost story. A Trade in Tears takes some interesting risks but I’m not sure they paid off for me.

I appreciate the novel trying to really drive it home that sex trafficking is a very real problem, and yes even in first world nations. It’s an important issue to be cognizant of. However, I felt that the book’s message got diluted by the end due to some loose ends, odd supernatural story lines, and characters that felt somewhat out of place.

Since this novel is a mystery thriller it is hard to discuss many of these points in the spoiler free review without giving away the whole third act.

Outside of the plot points the exposition was heavy handed, the dialogue didn’t flow naturally, and many of the character relationships seemed odd or too convenient.

However, I did like that the main character Morag is a very strong woman who does not let a very tragic event or two beat her to the ground. She keeps going and hitting harder with each set back. She takes her fate into her own hands and she’s an admirable protagonist.

This book would likely be highly entertaining to fans of shows like Law and Order SVU. The violence is extreme, the messages are real. It takes real threats that many of us choose to ignore and rubs them in our faces. We do need to remember that anyone can be kidnapped, sold, abused, assaulted, or even just mugged. It’s a dangerous world, don’t get complacent!

I just think the message would have been more successful if the book had stayed the course with traditional justice. It veers away from standard law and order but with not enough reason to make me believe that was the right choice.

Overall I think that A Trade in Tears could use some polish. It has a lot of good structure and has a good message to deliver but it just missed the mark for me.

2/5 shadowy figures lurking in the darkness 👤👤

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