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Under the Skin, Novel Review

Author Michel Faber

This is the spoiler free review of Under the Skin, if you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with what it all means then please visit here.

I’ve been meaning to read Under the Skin for years. When I first saw the movie I was blown away. It was beautiful and sad and it haunted me for days. I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it and what it all meant.

I quickly found out that it was a novel first but I didn’t want to take away from the movie so I waited. It’s been years now and I still vividly remember that movie. It’s really one that sticks with you. But I finally decided to see if the book could at all live up to the masterpiece created for the screen.

Under the Skin is a good example of the movie being different from the book but both are still quite good. The movie is an adaptation of the essence of the book, not a literal translation in plot and characters. But the sadness and otherworldly hopelessness is still palpable. I’m excited to rewatch it now and see if I understand it more as well.

The book is about Isserley, a young woman in Scotland who traverses the long highways looking to pick up hitch-hikers. Pretty much everything after she picks up the first one is a spoiler.

The main things to know going into Under the Skin is that it will be bizarre. Prepare yourself for a wholey original story that crosses genres like science fiction, social commentary drama, and tragedy. But I guarantee you that it will be poignant and unsettling.

The author does a magnificent job of withholding information until the time is just right. The mystery is maintained for a good portion of the novel before the heavy reality comes crashing onto the reader.

Isserley is a unique protagonist who suffers with the best of them. You’ll find yourself rooting for her even after you shouldn’t. I never stopped sympathizing with her.

It’s best to go into this book relatively blind. Just let the mystery unfold for you, it’s truly rewarding.

It’s also quite well written. The descriptions and imagery paint a sometimes beautiful, sometimes grotesque, but always enigmatic picture of our own world gone askew. I could vivily picture each character and event as though it was in my own memory.

Please read Under the Skin, please watch the movie. Share it with your friends. But above all else, discuss it and how it made you feel.

5/5 human eyes 👁👁👁👁👁

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