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American Vampire vol 1-6, Graphic Novel Review

Author Scott Snyder, Illustrations Rafael Albuquerque

This is the spoiler free review for volumes 1-6 of American Vampire. If you would like to read the spoiler full review complete with all the kills please visit here.

American Vampire is a graphic novel series that claims to bring horror back to the vampire genre. In my opinion, it failed. It’s not scary and worst of all it’s not that interesting.

I’m not a huge vampire fan to begin with. I think the whole genre is completely exhausted. There are a few notable exceptions like my favorite classic Buffy, and modern takes like the incredibly disturbing movie The Transfiguration. But traditional vampires are boring anymore. There’s nothing left to discuss.

Seriously, how many ways can you spice up this old trope?! Let’s move on!

American Vampire works off the premise that there are several species of vamps and the American ones are the newest and most dangerous. They threaten the way of life for the old school vamps who prey on young women and can’t come out in the daylight. American vampires are bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and blend into society better.

The whole series reads more like an anthology than one coherent story. It hops around through key points in American history but forgot to make me care about any of it. I didn’t care about the main characters at all. They were underwritten and lacked a focused conflict.

The art is good and has some really fun monster designes but that’s not enough to make it a desireable read. Overall, it commits the greatest sin of being boring. It’s a very meh book.

Meh books are the worst to write reviews for. If I love something I can praise it for pages. If I hate something I enjoy laying out my argument for why it’s bad. But for a graphic novel like American Vampire all there really is to say is meh.

If you really love vampires. Like love anything and everything vampy, this might be more fun for you. But for most of us I think it has done little to reinvent the genre or stand out amongst the dozens and dozens of simiar stories already out there.

2.5/5 vampires 🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️

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