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Remina, Horror Manga Review

Remina by author and Illustrator Junji Ito

Remina is the latest horror manga from Junjo Ito. If you’re unfamiliar with Junji Ito you should remedy that very soon. He is widely considered the master of the horror manga genre. He has written and illustrated several long and short form stories that are certain to disturb and entertain you.

Remina steps slightly outside of his formula. It’s more of an apocalyptic thriller than a body horror or supernatural horror. It’s about a society that goes mad when it discovers that a celestial body is heading right for them and will destroy all of earth very soon.

The scientist who discovers this doomsday names the incoming planet after his young daughter, Remina. This shoves young Remina into a very unwanted spotlight. Everyone now associates her with their upcoming demise.

As we now clearly know to be true, people act a damn fool when they fear the apocalypse. This town resorts to violent and primitive behavior in a vain attempt to thwart their fears. Remina is unfortunately at the center of it all.

Since this manga does not have a lot of the typical Ito dysmorphia the images are not as grotesque as you may expect from him. Everything is more down to earth and realistic. The entire book reads more as a violent satire than a true horror story. Regardless, Ito is a great writer, it doesn’t matter what genre.

Remina is a quick read, no more than two hours are likely necessary to complete the entire book. Much of the story is told through the pictures, not through the dialogue.

It is entertaining, but the fear of it comes from how closely it mirrors so much behavior we have all seen through the year 2020 and beyond. People are naturally bad in a crisis. Fear clouds judgement and self preservations wins out for most individuals. There are very few heroes present when a mob breaks out.

Remina is not the best representation of Ito’s work as a whole but it is still a well written and illustrated manga. Perfect for new or old fans alike.

4/5 suns ☀️☀️☀️☀️

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