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Y: The Last Man, Full Series Review

Author Brian K Vaughn

This is the spoiler free review for Y: The Last Man, if you would like to read what happens in this complete graphic novel series please visit here.

Y: The Last Man is an acclaimed 60 issue graphic novel series by Brian K Vaughn. This series came highly recommended to me by several trusted sources. I’m sorry to say that I am the outlier with a dissenting opinion.

Y: The Last Man is about a genetic sex based apocalypse in which every living creature with a Y chromosome spontaneously dies. The only two left are a man named Yorick and his monkey Ampersand. It is unknown why these two are the last ones left or what caused the wide spread death to begin with.

The series follows Yorick as he attempts to reunite with his girlfriend Beth. Other characters such as a secret agent and a scientist are more interested in using him to figure out what happened and how to restore humanity. Yorick’s priorities are off throughout the entire series.

Yorick is a loser. He’s an out of work escape artist with no prospects whose only personality setting is sarcastic. And yet, his is the story we follow. We have here an entire planet filled with competent women. Women who survive and thrive during and after a cataclysmic event and we still have to follow some dumbass white male instead.

I went into Y: The Last Man expecting Yorick’s story to be worth telling. It’s not. I expected the series to have at least a couple of profound things to say. It doesn’t. I at least expected some controversy or discussion worthy plot points! Nope. The most controversy I could find in this completely toothless tome is some outdated not politically correct language. Yawn.

I don’t understand the fascination with this ultimately pointless book. It has nothing to say and even the basic story is dull. The timeline jumps forward so dramatically it feels like all of the meat of the story is in between issues, nowhere present on the page.

I was really expecting greater things from Brian K Vaughn. I’m glad he’s upped his game since this book. I would actually love to see the premise of Y: The Last Man written from the female perspective. Written also by a woman. Someone who understands the female motivations a bit more than Vaughn seems to.

Before I close my argument on this overrated series I must mention the most baffling scene within the 60 issues. There is a scene in which a former secret agent holds an intervention for Yorick. She does this by donning her sluttiest dominatrix outfit, breasts completely out and exposed, and performs some sort of sexual torture on him.

Look, if that’s not nonsense male fantasy for a misguided audience I don’t know what is. It makes zero sense and seems to only appeal to straight males completely out of touch with how women actually behave. And that basically sums up the whole series.

2/5 last males 🐒🐒

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