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Finding Freedom, Memoir Review

Author Erin French

Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story; Remaking Life From Scratch

Finding Freedom is a memoir by Erin French, owner of the Lost Kitchen restaraunt in rural Maine. She describes herself not as a chef, but as a cook with a passion and her passion shows through these pages.

French describes her life in raw detail, never shying away from the many tough stories that brought her to where she is today. She curses and the language of the memoir is real, relatable, and lovingly descriptive. Her true feelings come through in how she cruses about her father and her ex husband but becomes lost in a sense of whimsy when describing food.

She hada challenging life and truly no one could say that anything was ever handed to her. She has an incredible work ethic and seems to do everything with the most elbow grease possible. But she also admits to having weaker times. She admits to attempting suicide and having suicidal thoughts on more than one occasion but she mustered up the strength to continue to another day.

Through all of her hardships she kept going toward what many would call a pipe dream. To own a small restaraunt with a completely locally sourced menu, serving only a handful of people in quiet intimacy, on a seasonal rotation, utilizing a staff of almost all local women without prior experience, and still make enough money to raise her son. But here she is, living her ultra specific dream!

Reading French’s story is inspirational but not in the traditionally sappy ways. She has no tricks, no magic luck, just hard work and dedication. You could call her the American dream. Finding Freedom is a wonderful memoir for anyone who needs to see that sometimes you can just make it happen by never stopping trying.

5/5 edible flowers 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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