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She Shits Bricks, Short Stories Review

She Shits Bricks by author Samson Tonauac

Thank you to author Samson Tonauac for providing me with a copy of She Shits Bricks in exchange for this honest review.

Tonauac also wrote the bizarre and entertaining Dreamsphere: The Day We Stopped Dreaming, find it here!

She Shits Bricks is a collection of short stories, inspired by and loosely tied to the Dreamsphere universe. It is not necessary to read Dreamsphere first but it would be a proper introduction to author Tonauac’s tone and sense of humor.

Just based on the title alone you may already realize that this is not a book for everybody. It is unusual, bold, and sometimes crass. But it is also creative, poignant, and funny. It was written from lockdown throughout the year 2020 so there is a lot of social and political commentary as well as a bit of quarantine madness.

Tonauac’s personal beliefs and opinions seep through the allegories pretty strongly with this one and you may disagree with his stance. Tonauac makes it clear that he does not care. The book at times even comes off as a bit judgemental. But, once again, he does not care.

My favorite of the stories was the title story She Shits Bricks. An elegantly crafted metaphor for capitalism under extreme duress portrayed through the unsettling image of literally shitting bricks. I just realized I will have to heavily censor this review for Amazon to accept it, yay bending to the will of the machine!

I’ve come to realize what I find to be a major flaw with many short story collections. I prefer short stories to be unique, contained stories with a beginning, middle, and end. They just happen to be under 100 pages long. She Shits Bricks is more of a series of loosely connected vignettes. None are full stories, just snippets. Many only 2 or so pages long.

The book can be finished quite quickly and has illustrations for the beginning of each story. It’s best to space it out or all of the stories will blend together.

If you liked Dreamsphere, definitely check this one out to continue with the unusual parallel universe created within those pages.

4/5 bricks 🧱🧱🧱🧱

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