Orcs in Space, Comic Book Review

Created by Justin Roiland, written by Michael Tanner, Rashad Gheith, and Abed Gheith, Illustrated by Francois Vigneault, Colored by DJ Chavis and Dave Pender

Thank you to illustrator Francois Vigneault for providing me with an early copy of Orcs in Space in exchange for this honest review.

Orcs in Space is an easy, fun read about a group of dimwitted Orcs who accidentally become intergalactic travelers. They stumble upon an alien ship one day and don’t understand what it is. This kicks off their misadventure as space Orcs.

They don’t really have any grand goals in space. They barely understand what space is. But they do know they get to leave their society behind and they seem quite grateful for that.

While on the ship they befriend the AI who operates it. She has only ever been treated like a utility so when the Orcs come she’s delighted they treat her like their friend. They don’t know any better and their naivety turned friendliness is my favorite part of the book. It’s honestly just really cute.

Which makes up for the otherwise boorish nature of these Orcs in Space. They are barbarians afterall.

orcs in space panel
orcs on earth

The art is fun and very colorful. It seems perfect for a younger audience. Once my nephew is old enough to read I’d be happy to give him a copy of Orcs in Space. I think he’d love it.

The first volume is a very quick read, think I finished it in just under an hour. But it was a nice break from my heavier reading and I would definitely give a volume 2 a try. Do not expect any earth shattering literature here, just some good honest fun.

I would definitely recommend this graphic novel for a younger male audience. It has some crass, but not offensive, humor that seems just in line with what that audience likes. I’m not the perfect demographic for this book but I did still enjoy it, the target audience will likely love it and really love to see what happens next.

3/5 spaceships 🚀🚀🚀

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