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Punisher vs Bullseye, Marvel Comics Review

Author Daniel Way, Illustrations Steve Dillon

Punisher vs Bullseye is a short run of Marvel comics that features two of their best shots. They’ll be pitted against each other in a battle to… well, to the end of the run. Spoilers, there are no real consequences to this match up.

The mafia is sick of Punisher sticking his nose in their business so they put out a hit on him. Bullseye takes the job. By the end Punisher is still alive and nothing changes. This means that this short run is basically pointless.

It would be a better read if they actually had a cool back and forth, maybe some tension, basically anything to spice it up. But Punisher vs Bullseye was mostly a dull match up and didn’t even include the standard face off in which they discuss how their deepest thoughts and beliefs differ. They sort of just fail to kill each other and then move on to make an appearance in the next book.

Comic books are a difficult medium to be a fan of sometimes. It’s so hard when there is just such a large volume of books to read. I typically take into consideration one important factor. Does a run have an effect on the canon as a whole? Do the actions of these characters trickle over into other books? In this case the answer is a solid no. And that makes Punisher vs Bullseye weak.

Bullseye seems to make great appearances in other books but I’ve yet to see him shine as a headliner. Even after all of these years he lacks development and his own personality. I’d really like to see that changed in the future.

If you have Marvel Unlimited and really love the Punisher then go ahead and read these few issues. Otherwise it really isn’t worth the bother.

2/5 bullseyes 🎯🎯

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