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Alter Ego Origins: Issue 1, Comic Novel Review

Alter Ego Origins: Issue 1 by author Dave Terruso, Illustrations Nick DeStefano

Thank you so much to author Dave Terruso for providing me with an early copy of Alter Ego Origins: Issue 1. And for giving me all of his books and continuously pulling me out of the darkest reading slumps.

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Alter Ego Origins is the next phase of the Alter Ego series. To catch up, you can find my review of the previous installment here.

I’ve been waiting over a year for this book, and not patiently. Author Terruso has tortured me with teaser images and absolutely no hints about what comes next. It was worth the wait.

I’ll start with the formatting of the series and why taking the time to do it right is so important. It’s half comic book and half novel. The story is told with the top half of each page filled with the main story told in paragraphs. The bottom half of the pages are pictures that could be illustrating the words above, could be flashbacks, and could be a side story or clues about stuff we haven’t seen yet.

It’s a unique format that I adore. It requires the reader to slow down and actually pay attention to the artwork as much as they do the words. Illustrator DeStefano impressively tells his own story in visual clues. It’s a testament to teamwork that these books flow as seamlessly as they do.

The story for Alter Ego Origins: Issue 1 picks up where Alter Ego The Other Me: Issue 2 leaves off. It’s difficult to go into too much of it here without spoiling the previous two books.

I’m also going to be totally honest here. I was too engrossed in this book to take notes. Normally, I jot down thoughts and key points as I go. I read until something important happens, pick up my phone and type it in, then get distracted by notifications or reddit, then get back to reading.

Well, I didn’t do any of that this time. I was so into the book I didn’t write anything down until I was done. I think that’s maybe the best review I could give a book. Alter Ego is so good I forgot I had social media for a few hours!

I can tell you that Alter Ego Origins does answer many questions from the first two books directly. You will get some clarity here! Finally!

It also provides more back story for several of the characters. This issue provides a lot more substance to the Alter Ego universe. We are starting to move away from the obscure mystery and get into the meat of the story.

I’m so happy to discover that this book can solve a big mystery and still be intriguing. It doesn’t stop at a big reveal, it allows the characters to live with the consequences of it. There’s so much more than finding answers, there’s dealing with the truth.

I can’t praise this series enough. I truly hope that some of you will finally go out and read it from the start. It’s rare that a story this special comes along, please don’t miss out on it.

5/5 coffins ⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

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