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Marvel Knights (2002), Marvel Comics Review

Marvel Knights (2002) by author John Figueroa and Illustrator Alberto Ponticelli

Marvel Knights (2002) is yet another forgettable entry into the Daredevil canon. Seriously, am I even a Daredevil fan anymore? I have liked maybe 30% of what I’ve read of him at this point. Most of it is unremarkable and some of it is downright offensive. But the stuff that’s good is so freaking good I continue on.

I think I’ve enjoyed a larger percentage of Punisher comics than Daredevil at this point. I’d love to be a punisher fan but some Blue Lives Matter losers co-opted his symbol and I don’t want anyone to be confused on my stance on cops.

So Marvel Knights has Daredevil, Punisher, Black Widow, and some total rando fighting against some nobodies who call themselves the Brothers Grace. The bad guys are unknowns, one of the good guys is an unknown, and nothing of import occurs.

Daredevil and Punisher do their usual back and forth of which way is the best way. Daredevil says don’t kill anyone, Punisher says shove it choir boy.

marvel knights daredevil and punisher
marvel knights daredevil and punisher

And Black Widow hangs around to look sexy and roll her eyes at them.

Marvel Knights (2002) blends in to the rest of the early aughts without leaving any trace of individuality. It could be removed from Marvel history and nobody would notice.

I keep reading these books because I think I love Daredevil. I always call myself a big DD fan at least. But these books are making it harder and harder to care. I think at this point it’s better to be a casual fan of comics. These deep dives do far more harm than good.

2/5 knights 🤺🤺

For better Daredevil check out Daredevil: End of Days

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Knights (2002), Marvel Comics Review

  1. I understand this struggle. That is I have been working on a deep dive of DC for a while. I guess that is why I decided I couldn’t go back more that 10 years. There are gems, but mostly it is just a lot of filler and the dated bullshit annoys me. Keep fighting the good fight though and hopefully you’ll find some more Daredevil that speaks to you.

    • I’ve heard great things about the ongoing run i just don’t like to read things that are unfinished if I can help it. So at least I’ll have it to look forward to eventually!

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