Basketful of heads

Basketfull of Heads, Horror Graphic Novel Review

Basketfull of Heads, by author Joe Hill and illustrators Leomacs and Riccardo La Bella

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Joe Hill has been pumping out new books at a pace that only an obsessive fan could keep up with. I’ve read quite a few of his works but haven’t fully been able to keep up. Basketfull of Heads in another graphic novel of his that is part of the Hill House line of spooky comic books.

He’s written long novels, short story collections, and a bunch of comic books now. I honestly think his short stories might be the best of the bunch. Graphic novels would be a second because he does well in shorter form stories than bloated 1,000 page novels.

I love horror but I have realized more and more lately that I don’t necessarily like supernatural horror. This graphic novel definitely is supernatural and I would even say involves magic. I usually kind of hate magic. I think it’s lazy. It’s a way to make something happen without having it make any sense. Luckily, Hill is a good writer so it’s at least entertaining.

The magic in question is a special axe. When this axe is used to chop off heads the heads continue to live. But the bodies don’t I guess? Why? Magic! The answer to all of your non-answers!

We have a strong female protagonist in Basketfull of Heads. She gets involved in some shady doings that are… way over her head. But she triumphs through general badassery.

She’s a young woman who hasn’t even had so much as her first job but she does have her first love and is ready to spend the summer with him. That is, until his secrets are revealed and her small town life is completely shattered.

The characters are interesting and not totally cliched. The story is fairly simple and the horror is a little diluted. But once again, it is entertaining. It’s a good read and that’s really what matters in the end.

I woud recommend Basketful of Heads more for people who really enjoy supernatural horror. If you’re not turned off by magic like I am then you’ll be much more likely to enjoy this one.

4/5 heads 👩‍🦰👩🧓🧑‍🦱

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  1. I really enjoyed this comic. I am collecting part 2 right now, Refrigerator Full of Heads. I haven’t started it yet, but I am excited to see what happens with the magic axe.

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