Amanja Reads too Much strives to connect new and independent authors with their audiences. Amanja provides honest reviews for all books she agrees to read and provides some social media coverage to promote those reviews for free.

If you are interested in having your book promoted outside of the basic review please see the package options below. All prices are negotiated individually and fluctuate based on current follower counts and engagement rates.

In the interest of full disclosure the base rate calculation is $10 per 1,000 total followers per post plus the current engagement percentage.

Please contact for details


5,000+ engaged followers and growing daily


Great placement in a top search engine

amanja with indie books

Instagram Only Packages

Package 1: 3 Instagram posts over 1 month

Package 2: 3 Instagram posts and 2 Instagram stories over 1 month

Package 3: 5 Instagram posts and 3 Instagram stories over 2 months

All time-lines are negotiable within reason, books must be provided for photographs, all photographs must be taken by Amanja directly for the profile or contain no copywrite conflicts.

The bookstagram community is always on the lookout for new and exciting books to read!

Pinterest Only Packages

Package 1: 3 Pins to be posted to Amanja Reads too Much boards

Package 2: 3 Pins to be posted to Amanja’s boards and then repinned to various book boards 1 month later

Books do not need to be provided for pins. Pins may be made by the author or individual purchasing the package if a specific style is desired.

Pinterest pins stay relevant far longer than any other social media post. Pins can receive hits months later and can be repinned to become suddenly relevant again. This underutilized platform is perfect for book cover art to be seen.

Instagram and Pinterest Combo Packages

Package 1: 3 Instagram posts and 3 Pins

Package 2: 2 Instagram posts, 2 Instagram stories, and 3 Pins

Package 3: 5 Instagram posts, 2 Instagram stories, 5 pins to also be repinned

Amanja Reads too Much

Amanja Reads too Much has over 400 direct followers and provides direct links to purchase books regardless of rating given through review.

Author interviews can be requested. Questions are provided by Amanja and pre-written interviews will not be accepted. Author interviews are free after a book has been accepted and reviewed. If used as a promotional tool for an un-reviewed book please contact for pricing information.

If you would like for your book to be read and reviewed on a much faster timeline please inquire about a jump pass. For a fee your book will bypass the line. Timelines are negotiable, please contact for more information.

Please contact with all offers and questions, I look forward to working with you!