Contact Me/Review Policy

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests please direct them below.

If you are an author and would like me to review your book please write with a summary and/or link to your page. I’d love to help you out but I also do this for fun and have a day job so please don’t expect me to be able to read 500 pages overnight!

Also, please see (and share): How to Get Your Book Reviewed a guide written by me, to aid you on your journey in seeking out book bloggers and reviewers.

I am currently experiencing an extensive backlog with author requests. I still very much want to read your book but ask for your patience when waiting for a review. I no longer accept ARCs, at least not with a deadline. You are welcome to request a not finalized ARC copy be reviewed but I am unable to promise a review before publication.

I will always write an honest review and will never accept money or gifts in exchange for a positive review. I also post reviews to Goodreads but have been banned from posting reviews to Amazon, for very stupid and outrageous reasons I assure you.

I do not review romance, erotica, or christian/religious fiction. If you are a non-fiction author please include your credentials. If you’ve written a memoir, I’m excited to see your unique experiences and perspectives on life. I am no longer accepting YA dystopian fantasy. There are many other reviewers who would be much more eager than I am to read that genre and give you a positive review.

I am currently only accepting physical copies, thank you for understanding.

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