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Hawkeye: Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is so much more than another lady version of an already existing hero. She’s a badass archer driven more by boredom and spite than by an innate sense of justice. She has a keen eye for detective work and utilizes that to set up her own business. She’s also super thirsty in a fun and inoffensive way that only a young female author could write. Kelly Thompson does an amazing job writing Kate Bishop into one of the most fun arcs I’ve read of Marvel all year. I recommend reading it and rereading it and then yelling at Marvel to start it up again.

Buy it here: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop Vol. 1: Anchor Points

Young Avengers

Just as Kate Bishop is more than just lady Hawkeye, the Young Avengers are more than just li’l avengers. First things, they’re all in their early 20s so it’s not weird that this is one of the sexiest books Marvel has going right now. Gender and sexuality are as fluid as they have ever gotten in mainstream comics in this series and all the characters (including aforementioned Kate Bishop) are loads of fun. Young Loki is a personal favorite as his special brand of mischief makes for always entertaining reading.

Buy it here: Young Avengers by Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung: The Complete Collection (Young Avengers: The Complete Collection)

The Vision

Tom King is at his absolute best writing this limited series about one off the most misunderstood Avengers. The Vision is placed in a domestic setting for an offbeat and heartbreaking look at suburbia, what it means to be a family, and how emotions have more dimension than us basic humans will ever be able to understand.

Buy it here: Vision (The Vision)