Other Comics and Graphic Novels

in order to keep me up to my ears in books consider using the following amazon affiliate links to purchase these products. it’s at no extra cost to you and would really help me out, thank you and happy reading!

Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals is Matt Fractions semi meta, all adult, magical crime spree saga that takes two lovers who can both stop time when they orgasm down an insane rabbit hole. If the title wasn’t any indication, definitely not for kids!

Buy it here: Big Hard Sex Criminals

The Sword

Here’s a fantasy book I actually read and loved! The Luna Brothers are a treasure and are writing some actually original content. Sometimes fantasy seems like it’s more geared toward the teen audience. Not this, it is over the top violent and action packed and never lets up on the emotional punches.

Buy it here: The Sword Volume 1: Fire (Sword (Image Comics))

I Kill Giants

Joe Kelly has created a book so beautiful and touching you’d have to be a monster to read it without getting choked up. If you’ve ever dealt with grief and/or not knowing how to react to a tragic situation you will find this strongly relatable.

Buy it here: I Kill Giants


Brenna Thummler wrote the cutest, sweetest book I read all year. Sheets is about the ghosts who live in a laundromat. They use sheets to make themselves visible to the young girl who lives there with her father. I am already biased to love this book because I have a weird thing about sheet ghosts, I even have one on my key chain at all times. They make me happy, shut up. Anyway, read Sheets. It’s mostly about family and the friends who can support you through hard times. But also sheet ghosts.

Buy it here: Sheets