The Daredevil Review Amazon Doesn’t Want You to See

I recently posted a review of Kevin Smith’s run of Daredevil to Amazon and it was rejected. I did censor the only curse word I used when I definitely wanted to use more, but maybe that’s still what did me in. Regardless, everyone needs to know that Kevin Smith destroyed one of my favorite characters and he needs to keep his fanboy mitts off of my comics. Here is the review that you cannot find on Amazon.

Worst. Daredevil. Ever.
First of all, f@!$ you Kevin smith. Zero stars. This is easily the worst run of daredevil, or dare I say any marvel, I’ve ever read. I cannot find any redeeming factors.

Kevin Smith is overly wordy for an over the top, complicated plot that turns out to be written off as the fault of all of the women in murdock’s life for damaging his judgement through the trauma of not doing enough women’s work or some misogynistic b.s. All of the female characters are treated poorly and either abused and killed off or diminished into harpies with ticking baby clocks. The end sums up with a not at all subtle blaming of every woman daredevil has chosen to be with as well as his mother for every death in the story. Karen and Natasha deserve better than this abuse.

The male characters don’t fair much better in that the two leads are painted as horrible womanizers incapable of being faithful only to expect forgiveness when they inevitably do their partners wrong. They are incompetent and cruel.

In addition to Smith’s long winded prose is his insufferable habit of referencing his own works and life. This narcissism caused me many eye rolls and brought me immediately out of the story that already felt more like fan fiction than canon.

Not only is Smith’s story, characters, plot, and pacing all wrong but the art leaves much to be desired as well. The men are drawn in a weird cartoon distortion while the woman are drawn as big lips teetering on a pair of breasts. Most of the art is taken over by gigantic speech bubbles attempting to hold Smith’s wordiness so I suppose it doesn’t matter much anyway.

On top of all that each issue had at least one lettering mistake that led to confusion. It seems that every hand that touched this arc dropped the ball entirely.

I honestly only finished reading it so that I could write an honest zero star review. Please don’t waste your time on this lazy, self serving, sexist garbage fire.

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Save your self and start with one of these instead:

Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev Ultimate Collection – Book 1 by Brian Michael Bendis (2010-06-30)

Daredevil by Mark Waid, Vol. 1

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2 thoughts on “The Daredevil Review Amazon Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. I am in complete agreement with this review. Guardian Devil’s constant praise baffles me and it feels like none of them have ever read anything prior with Karen Paige. I would recommend reading Ann Nocenti’s amazing daredevil run if you haven’t already. This is just awful. Only saving grace of the whole debacle was it led to revival of the daredevil line giving us Bendis’s tenure. Good review!