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Sunstone, Graphic Novel Review

Sunstone, Author and Illustrations Stjepan Šejić

Sunstone is a magnificent graphic novel that demonstrates what the healthiest side of the BDSM world looks like. This is what kink should be, and although it is definitely a safe and loving environment it is still very not suitable for younger audiences.

BDSM relationships got a poularity boost from the absolutely abhorent Fifty Shades of Grey. I cannot tell you every way that the relationship popularized in these books and movies is toxic. It is not a representation of the true kink community and may very well have put the lives of many young women at risk of irreversable physical and emotional harm. And no, I am not exaggerating.

To keep it short, a long term relationship between a dominant and a submissive is not an abusive relationship under the guise of consent. The parties involved in this relationship build it out of love, friendship, and most of all trust. They respect each other and always respect each others’ boundaries. And the sub is always in control.

The sub stays in control through the use of a safeword. Sunstone is the safeword for Ally and Lisa, the couple in this graphic novel. Ally is the dom who has all of the equipment a sex dungeon could ever ask for but hasn’t found a compatible sub yet. Lisa is a sub who’s only fantasized about being involved in BDSM.

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Ally and Lisa meet online and decide to finally meet in person. They’re going to finally enact all of their wildest fantasies together. And they’re both super nervous about it.

It is so adorable to watch as the panels go back and forth between the two women getting ready to meet. They both have butterflies in their stomaches but both want to appear strong and experienced.

Their first night together is fireworks. They’re immediately compatible and know that they want this to continue. But, as with any new relationship, they have to tread lightly and overthink everything every step of the way.

Sunstone nails every single emotion that goes with being in a new and exciting relationship. I was giddy for them while I was reading it. That fresh love feeling is intoxicating and it oozes off these pages.

But don’t worry, as cute as this romance is it also is extremely sexy. I know you are coming into a lesbian BDSM book wanting some X rated material. Now, there isn’t a ton of super graphic nudity or pornographic scenes, sorry. However, there are very sexy situations, outfits, and positions to get the gears of your imagination turning. You won’t be let down there.

This was just book 1, I very much look forward to reading more about these young women and their journey through love and kink. Also just to see more of Lisa’s adorable lip bite.

lisa in sunstone biting her lip

If you hated Fifty Shades of Grey you should read Sunstone. If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey you should read Sunstone and learn why you were wrong. If you love romance, sex, or just great character building you should read Sunstone. Go, read Sunstone!

5/5 chains cause there isn’t a rope emoji ⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓

Contine to Sunstone Book Two

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